News: ESPN: Dez Bryant shows smarts in clutch

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    Dez Bryant shows smarts in clutch
    Young Cowboys receiver proves he has brains and brawn with key overtime catch

    By Tim MacMahon

    LANDOVER, Md. -- Call it a little Dez Bryant versus DeAngelo Hall déjà vu.

    Just like last time these NFC East rivals met, Bryant got the best of Hall on a third-and-long with the game on the line. Just like last time, Bryant's clutch, chain-moving catch set up a Dan Bailey field goal to give the Dallas Cowboys a close win over the Washington Redskins.

    The situations and results were similar. There were, however, some significant differences in Bryant's Redskins-killing catches.

    The 30-yard gain Sept. 26 was an amazing display of athleticism. The 26-yard catch in overtime Sunday afternoon provided evidence of intelligence.
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    Way to go young Dez, way to go! I'm proud of him, now that's learning the position!

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