News: ESPN: Dez: I can do whatever Megatron can do

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    IRVING, Texas -- While he has immense respect for Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant isn’t willing to say that “Megatron” will be the best receiver at Ford Field when the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions meet on Sunday. “Truth be told, I don’t compare myself to nobody,” Bryant said Monday during an appearance on 103.3 FM ESPN in Dallas. “I think Calvin’s the best at what he [does]. I think I’m the best at what I do.

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    I agree with Dez. They are different from each other
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    this has blown up twitter
  4. jrumann59

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    Yeah I guess Dez should have said, "Megatron can I carry your shoulder pads.":rolleyes:
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    Or maybe just not said anything at all and let his play speak for his ability.

    I guarantee you won't see Calvin Johnson say anything remotely negative about Dez.
  6. jrumann59

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    Dez never said anything negative. He just affirmed he was just as good as CJ.
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    Agreed. There was nothing wrong with what he said. It wasn't controversial. Just a show of confidence in his own ability.

    In addition to that, why should he say otherwise? Too many people want players to be confident, humble, mutes. After which, we can yell, "where's the leadership?!," because they don't talk. :rolleyes:
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    Dez isn't as good as Megatron yet. He will probably get there but he still drops too many passes and doesn't make quite as many tough catches as Johnson.
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    Two beasts! I think someone asked Calvin about another receiver, I think Julio Jones and Calvin mentioned Dez as the receiver he likes to watch play!
  10. jrumann59

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    Dez would have similar numbers if he was the primary offensive weapon on this team. The lions offense is so pass happy it made RW11 look better than he was so we could give up picks for him. CJ drops as many catches as any receiver in his class.. Do not get me wrong, he is a freak but in a balanced offense he would not be Megatron.
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    People need to read the entire interview. Not just see the money quote and run with it.
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    Dez to Megatron -

    "Anything you can do I can do better" :D
  13. Ntegrase96

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    Yeah, anyone who heard this live knows it wasn’t Dez knocking Megatron.

    He was asked, what Megatron can do that he couldn’t and there was an extremely long pause before Dez responded confidently “Anything he can do I can do”.

    This was all after he talked up Calvin a bit.
  14. slomoxn

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    One reason he doesn't make the tough catches is his QB does not put it up there very often for him to. Detroit throws into double coverage for CJ all the time, Romo either doesn't trust himself to do the same or doesn't trust Dez to be able to get it. None the less Romo rarely does it.
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    Dez is a confident young man and he has to think that he is the best and what he said was nothing negative, he gave megatron his props but at the sametime, he maintained his confidence and desire to be the best.
  16. cowboys2233

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    Or c) Romo has other viable weapons to throw to, why force a pass into double coverage?
  17. mldardy

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    Dez has 2 drops, Calvin has 4 in less games also. I also didn't like Johnson missing that game against Green Bay. That is a division game against the best team in that division and you miss it. Do you think Dez misses that game? Johnson is still better because he's accomplished more but things like that make me appreciate Dez more.
  18. Hoov

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    And Dez does have more TD's than any other WR in the span of games thay are talking about. Dez 3rd in total yards and 1st in TD's. CJ 1st in total yards and 4th in TD's. So, not a stretch to say Dez is playing as good as anyone at the WR position right now.
  19. roughneck266

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  20. TheCoolFan

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    Yeah Dez can do everything Calvin can do but in the end, you can't teach 6'5" so combine that with his skills and athleticism, that's what makes him an all-timer

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