News: ESPN: Finding ways to get Bryant, Witten the ball

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Nov 1, 2013.

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    IRVING, Texas -- Every Thursday, Bill Callahan stands outside the Dallas Cowboys locker room answering questions about the offense. This particular line of questioning was interesting this Thursday because the Cowboys are coming off a game where its star receiver, Dez Bryant, voiced himself loudly about defensive coverages and star tight end, Jason Witten also expressed some concern about it as well. When problems arise, it's up to Callahan, the offensive coordinator and play-caller, to fix them.

    Callahan wants to see more positive runs so it can force defenses to respect the ground attack and maybe open the door for Witten and Bryant to make plays down the field.

    But Callahan could also create some mismatches for the defense by putting Bryant in motion, bunch formations or lining Witten with another receiver, such as rookie Terrance Williams to minimize the double-teams.

    "I think that’s definitely," Callahan said of creating mismatches. "When people use motion they get players off the press, get players off the bump. We’ve done a little bit of that. Around the league, people will put their receivers in what they call bunches and stacks, things of that nature. It makes it hard to double team. So we’ve done a lot of that as well. We’ll continue to use those aspects of attack, whether it be motion, whether it
    be stacks, bunches, try to realign them at different positions. I’m sure you will see a little bit more this week."

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    Just say that we let the defense dictate everything and move along.
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    I'm sure Callahan would love to do a lot of things with Dez but the question remains whether Dez can handle the mental aspects of learning so many formations.
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    To sum it up, Callahan is reading cowboyszone.
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    sure you are Bill, sure you are..
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    This seems to be 98% of the philosophy.
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    Try throwing it to them !
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    maybe if Bill was running his offense, it would help. But he's running Garrett's offense, which is the outdated Norv Turner offense of the early 90's, "we're running this play over and over, and you try to stop it." Defenses are stopping it and there's no adjustments to it.
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    I believe it when I see it.
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    It will help that the Vikings have a very bad secondary and a soft defensive philosophy. Everything will seem okay for a week, then we will play a team that blitzes a lot and we are back to square one.
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    most of the teams we've played so far has had dreadful secondaries, so that's probably not it.
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    It's been 100% Garrett's philosophy since he got here. Take what they give you instead of take what you want.
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    We need new blood in the coaching ranks. Garrett is JJ's boy, Callahan is a tread, so is Rod Marenelli and Kiffen. Why can't we get some innovative coaches who can bring a fresh approach to the coaching game?
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    So we should get rid of Marinelli?

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    And that's exactly what Detorit did. They shaded the safeties to Dez and Witten. So Garrett's response is "Randle and Terrence Williams are always single covered so let's put the ball in their hands!"

    Turns out the Lions were absolutely fine with this offense giving the ball to a 5th round and 3rd round rookie 27 times. Garrett thinks he's so smart by "taking what the defense gives you", meanwhile the Lions are laughing it up on the sideline that the Cowboys are trying to beat them with unheralded rookies.
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    At some point Romo has to shoulder some of the blame for throwing or not throwing to certain recievers. If Dez Is doubled I see no reason not to throw to Williams but sometimes you have to take chances to give the offense a spark.

    Romo has been crucified in the past for taking chances I think he is just trying to play it safe.
  17. Blue Eyed Devil

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    Yeah Bob Sturm has been beating that drum this week. I'm not sure if I agree with it because Romo sure was holding the ball and taking lots of chances in the Denver game. Personally, I think Romo is just executing the Garrett offense exactly as Garrett has drawn it up.
  18. Lonestar94

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    It shouldn't be that hard to give Witten the ball, last game he had 2 rec for 15 yards. If we want to win we need him to get more involved.
  19. cowboyblue22

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    i don't listen or pay any attention to any thing that coaches say it all just talk no walk about as innovative as a snail.

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