News: espn first take:Mangini Film Study: Cowboys vs Patriots

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Rex Ryan has to have this defense playing lights out... I hope Romo and Co can put some points on the board and NOT turn the damn ball over!!
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    So he is going to coach Cowboys for this week?
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    I meant the other twin blob Rob, :laugh2:
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    This was excellent by Mangini.

    I heard Mangini state a statistic about ball control. According to Mangini, the team that possesses the football 36 minutes, wins 84% of the time. Also, Mangini stated that Dallas could run the football good and needed to control the football in order to keep Brady off the field. I agree.

    I think the Cowboys must run the football to win this game and control the clock. If they don't keep Brady off the field, the Cowboys will most likely not win this game.
  6. 28 Joker

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    That doesn't meant that Dallas can't exploit the match-up problems that the Patriots will have across the board in the passing game.

    If Dallas can exploit N.E. in the secondary and put the points on the board and do it with 34 or less Romo attempts, they have a great chance to win, imo. You can run the football effectively and control the football and get your big plays in the passing game.

    N.E. probably wishes that this game was going to be played on grass.

    If Fiammetta plays this game, I like Dallas.

    If he's out, I think it gets a little dicey, imo.

    The Cowboys need that FB, because Felix Jones destroyed the 6th ranked rush defense (Washington) with the FB playing a key role. Jones and Fiammetta worked very well together in that game, too.
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    Running doesn't control the clock. First downs control the clock. I believe dallas had over 36 minutes against detroit, and that was with passing. The run = clock myth needs to die.
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    Jerod Mayo in their interior linebacker spot, is missing this week. Match that with Dallas FB, Tony Fiammetta not practicing, and it could boil down to Dallas effectiveness in the Red Zone itself.
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    Excellent point about ball control, this also equates to rushing attempts and winning percentage, which correlates quite well. You don't necessarily have to run for a ton of yards especially if you have a two possession lead.

    I think Belicheat learned this and I hope Red got the message too.
  10. Wolfpack

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    I hope you are right but I see Red polishing his shotgun playbook all week. He wants to out-offense Brady and Bill not just beat them. A reason he needs to remove his ego from the OC position and focus on being a HC.
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    They're missing Mayo but they've got some massive bodies up front. We'll probably need to run a lot of stretch type runs to help our OL with their blocking assignments.
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    Well said.
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    Running the play clock down to .01 and snapping the ball helps control the clock whether it's run or pass.
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    That too, if the game clock is running.

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