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    IRVING, Texas -- With the players entering the downtime of the offseason, we offer up a Five Questions segment. Today's subject is Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr. Carr signed with the Cowboys in 2012 with a five-year, $50 million deal. He has started every game in his six-year career, having spent the first four years of his career with the Kansas City Chiefs. What is your first football memory? Carr: I was 6 years old and for Christmas my parents bought me the Dallas Cowboys uniform with the helmet and the little shoulder pads and the jersey.

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    Man, I hope he plays better this year. If he doesn't I'm sure he's gone.
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    I keep seeing these posts about Carr playing better and I have to wonder how it is the obvious is not.....obvious.

    No pass rush no pass defense. Carr surely had some culpability in this. But without a real rush, ALL corners, including Deion cannot cover for long.

    Not taking a shot at you for your thoughts. But the argument blazing here about the defense ignores a basic fact as true today as the day they went to the passing game from a run only game.

    If you cannot harass the quarterback and alter the timing between QB and WR, then there are no corners alive that can cover for long. The league structured the game so the scoring ramped up. Fans no longer appreciate 3-0 games.

    The design is to create offense.

    This teams built from the corner back position because Jerry doesn't understand it's not the corners who fail but the pressure that fails.

    This is what you get when you have the final decision maker making decision when he did not work his way into a talent evaluator position and understand the premise of how the game works.
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    I liked your post because you speak the truth of many Cowboys' fans. But at the same time, considering I love to drink lots of Blue and Silver Kool-Aid, I will say that Carr will have a dramatic turnaround this year and start kicking some major booty hole! I just think he will. And if we can ever get some pressure (Marinelli-willing)) from our front four, Carr will only benefit, and so will his counter-part, Mr. #6 ovrall!!!

    P.S. Scandrick (our best CB at the moment) will too!
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    I'm with you. Love the kool-aid, it's great! I think he will bouce back. I think Kiffen was a Major liability that hampered our D in many ways.
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    I know his numbers weren't good last year, but watching him, outside of really early on in his DC career, i've thought he looked good. I've never been one to pay attention to individual defensive stats because I only pay attention to stats for fantasy. I think it helps my bias. Maybe it doesn't.
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    So what happens if both carr and Claiborne suck again? Neither come back next year?
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    Carr will be better because our pass rush will be better. CB play and pass rush go hand in hand.

    See Ed Jones and Everson Walls!

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