News: ESPN: Five Wonders: Run D to be tested more

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Oct 15, 2013.

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    IRVING, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys head to Philadelphia this week with first place in the NFC East on the line, but I really wonder how good the Cowboys really are. What’s funny is how people say the division is awful and the Cowboys should run away with it. I wonder why. It’s not as though the Cowboys’ roster is filled with so much more talent than the rest of the division. If the Cowboys don’t win the NFC East, the storyline is set for those who want to believe they underachieved again; not that they might be just as poor as the division's other three teams.

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    Man, Chip Kelly lit up USC and Kiffen many times. Let's hope it was the personnel and not the scheme.
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    I am really worried about this week
    We have a depleted DL going against one of the best RBs and the uptempo philly offense. It would be easy for them to wear down.
    We will need to keep their offense off the field with long drives to rest our defense and score TDs
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    If Dallas wants to win, Lee and Carter are going to have to play awesome football.

    If it were me, I'm putting Carr on Cooper and doubling DJax every time so I can put 8 in the box. The Eagles score a lot of points, but they really only have 2 explosive weapons.

    You can't ignore the fact that Philly hasn't played a good defense yet this year, except for KC, and they only scored 16 points. Get a lead early on them and they are very, very beatable.
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    And Church. He has to make sure tackles as well as cover better.
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    True, though I worry less about him matched up with Celek than I did against Thomas/Reed.
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    We just need to get back to Go-Go Gunslinger mode of 2 games ago and outscore them.
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    That's what it's going to take. I see this as a 41-38 game. Who wins? I give the edge to Philly. We don't have a running back who is as shifty as McCoy, especially with Murray out. That takes away our opportunity to milk the clock, if necessary.

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