News: ESPN: Five Wonders: Season on line Sunday?

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    IRVING, Texas -- Refreshed off the bye week, Five Wonders is back and ready for action. We'll start with this mini-wonder: Does anybody more than wonder whether the Dec. 29 meeting between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium will be to win the NFC East? I wonder it, but only if the Cowboys beat the New York Giants this week. On to the wonders: • I wonder if the season is on the line Sunday against the New York Giants.

    On to the wonders:

    I wonder if the season is on the line Sunday against the New York Giants. The Cowboys would still be alive because of the state of the NFC East, but at 5-6 and reeling it would be hard to see a turnaround. They would have lost three of four and the only win came on a 90-yard drive in the final minute against the Minnesota Vikings. The Cowboys carry emotional baggage with them no matter how much Jason Garrett attempts to keep them in the present. Injuries have piled up again. Questions about the scheme have rumbled on both sides of the ball. There is a lot on the line this week. The Giants have won four in a row to claw back into the race after a 0-6 start. Their wins have not come against the best quarterbacks but winning breeds confidence and the Giants have confidence. Maybe the feeling comes from the 32-point loss to the New Orleans Saints before the bye, but the Cowboys sure seem fragile mentally right now as well as physically.

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    Good reading. I like the O'Brien idea - I believe with Philly's success bringing a coach up from the college ranks isn't as taboo as just promoting the OC or DC. As for whether this game is our season on the line, if the Giants can turn a season around and come on, we should be able to do the same. If we lose this game, and I'm not conceding that, we are still in the thick of it. It would be nice to win this one, though...
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    This is a statement game. It's the kid down the block trying to take your bike from you. We can still win without it but it's going to be much more difficult. Besides I don't want to hear the groans.
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    Time to go into his yard, beat the crap out of him, pants him, and leave him weeping like a little girl

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