News: ESPN: Garrett preaches patience with Escobar

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    IRVING, Texas -- Ten games into his NFL career and Gavin Escobar has four catches for 65 yards and a touchdown. When the Dallas Cowboys made him a somewhat surprisingly second-round pick, there were automatic expectations for Escobar. Though they knew he would need time to develop as a blocker -- something coach Jason Garrett has repeated as often as his “process” talk -- Escobar could be a factor in the passing game with the Cowboys using more two-tight-end sets.

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    OMg, Garrett is a buffoon...spin doctor...he is trying to subliminally get everyone to use patience with his own inabilities as a head coach....I am not buying it....
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    It's got nothing to do with spin or any of the other things you mention
    There is 99% of the problem. He is so far down the food chain his numbers were not going to meet most of the unreasonable expectations people had.
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    Unreasonable expectations? Not sure about that. What is unreasonable anyway? In terms of Yards and TDs, what would be unreasonable? I don't think it would be unreasonable for someone to expect 5X what he has produced right now.

    The real problem is that he would have to play so absurdly above and beyond even the most optimistic "reasonable" expectations in order to be worth the pick. TEs are coming out of the woodwork. The rookie for the Redskins looks worlds better than Escobar. Julius Thomas and Jordan Cameron were drafted a couple years back well after Escobar's draft spot. If the team is drafting for a future TE (which is probably the dumbest thing I have ever heard) why wouldn't they try to find a guy later and let him develop? Instead, they use high pick on a guy who can barely even get on the field. He's been getting 9 snaps per game over the last 3 games and that's just unacceptable.

    When other teams are pulling TEs from later rounds and getting good production out of them, you better get great production to justify taking a guy that early because you can damn sure find another player at another position who can give you a whole lot more than a handful of snaps per game.

    As far as being down the list, that's just flat out garbage and it's an excuse. Nobody would draft a ANY PLAYER in the 2nd round to be the 8th option on offense and only get like 12 snaps per game (136 snaps on the season). Any team that would is horribly managed. If Garrett is going to cling on to that excuse then he should answer the question as to why he would draft a guy that high in the first place with the expectation that he'd hardly even contribute at all.
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    Shut up Garrett... I love how it's always spun into a player's inability, not Opie's inability to use the player.
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    I think this is it, too. And the fact that we're not able to extend drives and so aren't getting more offensive snaps, as a result. His blocking is what's hurting him right now, and he needs to work on that.
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    If Escobar is so far down the food chain why draft him? Ugh
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    This was discussed back on draft day.
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    Escobar may turn out to be great player for all we know, but when you draft a TE in the second over other obvious holes and he never sees the field while those same holes are still glaring, you should just take the criticism and like it.
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    Same argument, and a valid one at that, that was used with Marty B and others ( Hurd, Austin, Fassano ), just to name a few, in the past. When there's absolutely no way in heaven a 2nd TE in the team with that many other players contributing, would be able to contribute to the level some fans expect. Regardless of where that TE was picked. There is a limited number of passes thrown in a game and in most offenses, the 2nd TE doesn't see but a couple per game. And before the Patriots example is brought up, take a look at what they were sacrificing when Hernandez and Gronk were putting up their numbers. Their receivers weren't much but an after thought with the exception of Welker.

    So the question I asked back then still remains: " who's targeted pass attempts are you going to cut in order to get the 2nd TE more involved ? "
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    Yes, it would be VERY unreasonable..

    You said 5X what he has produced ? That would put Escobar at 300+ cy and 5 TDs. That would mean Terrance Williams's 500 CY and 5 TDs would have gone to him, and then Williams would be the " bust " 3rd round pick with little contribution.


    How many attempts are you willing to take away from Jason Witten and Dez Bryant and direct them to Escobar ?

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