News: ESPN: Gerald Sensabaugh had a tough day

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    Gerald Sensabaugh had a tough day
    November, 24, 2011
    By Calvin Watkins

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- Cowboys free safety Gerald Sensabaugh gutted out a foot injury and took pain medication to reduce swelling in the back of the ball of his foot.

    "A lot of treatment," said Sensabaugh, who missed practice last week but was still able to start Thursday. "...I just knew if I could put a little bit of weight on it I was going to be good, so I took a little shot to help it out a little bit. But it was killing me the whole game. Pain is mind over matter. I feel if I don’t have to go under the knife I can play, and it got me to where I was able to run and function. I didn’t want to be out there if I was going to hurt the team."

    Sensabugh didn't have his usual burst, but he did finish with four tackles -- three solo -- in the Cowboys victory....
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    i love sensy
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    Whole secondary was rickety, Walker had a tremendously stupid penalty on a late hit, Sensy was maimed, Newman was scorched and even cheated and still got beat, Scandrick was his usual hit and miss self and Ball was slipping all the time, it wasn't pretty back there. Amazingly only 19 points were scored.

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