News: ESPN: Grudge Match: Cardinals-Cowboys keys

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Grudge Match: Cardinals-Cowboys keys
    December, 3, 2011
    By Bryan Broaddus

    Cowboys CBs Mike Jenkins and Terence Newman vs. Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald: This week Rob Ryan and his secondary are going to have to deal with one of the top five playmakers in the National Football League.

    Fitzgerald is so dangerous because of his ability to not only run routes and gain separation but also catch the ball no matter how poorly it is thrown. Other than Kurt Warner, Fitzgerald has never been blessed with an outstanding quarterback that can consistently get him the ball on the move, where he is the most productive.

    When you study Fitzgerald, you see a receiver that never changes speed when he runs routes. Miles Austin has this same trait as well. When you have this ability, you can put a great deal of pressure on the cornerbacks because most receivers have to settle down to cut or break in the route. From that standpoint, it’s much easier to break on the route once you see the receiver adjust. Fitzgerald doesn’t give cornerbacks that opportunity to read him and drive on the ball....
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    The all time series stands at 55-29-1 in favor of the Cowboys.

    Does that sound like a grudge match to you? Me either.
  3. Eddie

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    They knocked us out on the way to a Super Bowl.

    That's a good grudge if you ask me.
  4. fifaguy

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    And they beat us with a last minute fg last season to beat us by 1 pt because Ferris Beuhler missed an XP
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    like "except for Kurt Warner" he has not played with a good QB--lots of guys never played with anyone as good as Warner
  6. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    The Eagles knocked us out.
  7. Future

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    yea, that one got me too :laugh2:

    And it's not like he only played one season with Warner either. They put up a lot of great numbers together.
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    Grudge match is the name of his weekly column/report thing where he notes the 3 main matchups that will dictate the outcome of his game.

    But don't let that stop you from making up nonexistent things to complain about.
  9. Eddie

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    Who's complaining? Just giving us a reason to play harder against the Cards.

    But feel free to interpret anyway you want.
  10. burmafrd

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    we will win as long as McBriar punts it out of bounds so Peterson cannot get any.
  11. viman96

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    ^Wells and Fitz are bigger threats then Peterson.
  12. 8FOR!3

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    First thing I noticed as I was reading lol. He's had a hall of fame worthy super bowl MVP for over half his career. Poor thing.

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