ESPN Hashmarks: Combine wrap, volume IV

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    Combine wrap, volume IV

    February 24, 2008 5:58 PM

    Posted by's Mike Sando

    The media-accessible portion of the combine finished tonight, bringing an end to our on-site combine coverage on the blog. A few stories stood out today:

    Four running backs posted 40-yard times better than 4.4 seconds. Darren McFadden was the big draw, and he impressed with the second-fastest time (4.33). The performance validated what scouts knew about his ability. He still must show he's not a character risk.

    Teams are still waiting for the cornerback and receiver positions to sort out in terms of identifying a clear No. 1 prospect. The defensive backs do not work out until Tuesday, so we're short on evidence at that position. At receiver, Cal's DeSean Jackson posted the best 40-yard time (4.35 seconds) and 20-yard split (2.53). Others have superior size.

    LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey still must convince teams that injury concerns are overblown. Dorsey stressed that he hasn't missed games, but medical examinations haven't removed the uncertainty over a stress-fracture injury suffered during his junior season.

    Michigan State receiver Devin Thomas helped himself by posting the best times over 10 yards (1.48) and 20 yards (2.52). His 40-yard time was a respectable 4.4 seconds.

    Florida State receiver De'Cody Fagg was the combine's biggest loser today, suffering an apparently serious knee injury while running routes.

    Behind the scenes, teams logged results of psychological testing. Teams run players through tests given by employers across the country. The Colts, for example, administer what is known as a "16 PF" test (PDF example).

    One version of the test features 185 questions designed to sort players on 16 personality scales. A version of the test I found online identifies five global factors: independence, anxiety, self-control, extraversion and tough-mindedness. This version of the test also seeks to measure self-esteem, adjustment, social skills, creativity and leadership.

    That's it for us from Indianapolis. I'll be heading home Monday morning. Matt Mosley will be back in the saddle.


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    Four running backs beat 4.4 barrier

    February 24, 2008 4:53 PM

    Posted by's Mike Sando

    The NFL has provided official results on 40-yard dash times for running backs. I refrained from posting the unofficial numbers seen on NFL Network.

    East Carolina's Chris Johnson led the way with a blazing 4.24-second time. Arkansas-Fayetteville's Darren McFadden was second at 4.33 seconds, another outstanding time.

    Houston's Anthony Alridge (4.36) and Texas-Austin's Jamaal Charles (4.38) also broke the 4.4 barrier, followed by Morgan State's Chad Simpson (4.42), Illinois' Rashard Mendenhall (4.45), Tulane's Matthew Forte (4.46), Arkansas-Fayetteville's Felix Jones (4.47), Toledo's Jalen Parmele (4.47) and Oregon's Jonathan Stewart (4.48).

    Colts president Bill Polian said he sees as many as four running backs being worthy of spots among the top 10 overall picks, based on "great measurables and terrific production, which is all your are looking for." He also said most of them were "good kids" before amending his remarks to suggest all of them fit into that category. Teams will have to weigh McFadden's association with a couple of nightclub scuffles.


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    Sifting through receiver numbers

    February 24, 2008 4:43 PM

    Posted by's Mike Sando

    Virginia Tech's Eddie Royal posted top-five finishes at his position in four of five categories for which I have results. I have results in the 40-yard dash, 10- and 20-yard splits, and vertical jump.

    According to numbers provided by the NFL, Royal finished first in the 10-yard split (1.48 seconds) and bench press (24 repetitions of 225 pounds). He finished fifth in the 20-yard split (2.55) and 40-yard dash (4.39). Michigan's State's Devin Thomas also finished first in two of the five categories in question (1.48 seconds over 10 yards and 2.52 seconds over 20 yards).

    Cal's DeSean Jackson was first in the 40 (4.35) and 20-yard split (2.53). Kentucky's Keenan Burton posted the best vertical at 38 1/2 inches. Richmond's Arman Shields and Coastal Carolina's Jerome Simpson tied for second (37 1/2).


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    Looking for diamonds in the rough

    February 24, 2008 4:11 PM

    Posted by's Mike Sando

    Hundreds of agents descend upon Indianapolis for the combine, in part because the NFL Players Association requires certified representatives to attend a conference each year. Few agents are more recognizable than Ron Todd from Dayton, Ohio. He looks like a retired NFL nose tackle, only bigger (see photo), and he works the combine hard on behalf of the little-known clients he takes pride in representing and developing.

    Todd made his name in the business by representing Hugh Douglas before anyone knew the Central (Ohio) State pass rusher would become an NFL star.

    Today, Todd was handing out a stapled four-page packet featuring biographical information for Dayton quarterback Kevin Hoyng. Todd is promoting Hoyng as a free safety and special-teams player in the NFL. Hoyng claims a 4.45-second time in the 40 on his resume. At 6 feet and 192 pounds, he's smaller than most NFL quarterbacks.

    But as the packet notes, quoting recently retired Dayton coach Mike Kelly: "I've been fortunate to be at the University of Dayton for nearly 30 years and Kevin is probably in the top four or five football players that I've had."

    The combine wouldn't be the same without Todd -- decked out in a suit, overcoat and hat -- working the hallways on behalf of his as-yet-obscure clients. Beyond Douglas, Todd has also represented current Dolphins safety Jereme Perry from Eastern Michigan.

    "Cleveland told him to bring his own shoes to camp and he made the team (in 2006)," Todd said.

    Perry played in four games for the Dolphins last season. Todd is introducing Hoyng to NFL personnel as they pass through the convention center, distributing fliers, shaking hands and getting the word out.

    Combine, Kevin Hoyng, Ron Todd

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    The Colts have used that 16 PF test for a long time now, at least since they drafted Peyton Manning. It's basically a Jungian personality to find out if a person is Introverted or Extroverted, more prone to follow Senses or Intuition, whether they are analytical Thinkers or they go off their gut Feeling, and whether they are more prone to Judge or Perceive.

    Back when Manning and Leaf were competing for the #1 pick some sports psychologist working for the Colts told them that Leaf's personality was not conducive to being a successful NFL QB while Manning was the prototype. Manning, of course, ended up being drafted #1 overall and is one of the best QBs in NFL history.

    I think it's called a Briggs-Meyers test in the real world, the Colts have adapted it to the NFL though. I wish I remembered the website for the sports psychologist employed by the Colts, he has a book out too.

    edit: found the website
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    Also worth noting is that while Desean Jackson had the fastest 20 yard split time this year at 2.53 seconds, that would have ranked 7th last year.

    Aundrae Allison - 2.46
    Yamon Figure - 2.49
    Robert Meachem - 2.49
    Laurent Robinson - 2.50
    Jason Hill - 2.50
    Steve Smith - 2.52
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    where would have Royal's 10-yard split ranked?
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    The important thing to note from this list is just how many of these guys can not actually play much football.

    Combine numbers at WR are often an easy way to draft a bust.
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    Yamon Figurs, great PR though

    Jason Hill didn't do much, just spit-balling there, but he was a productive college player

    Steve Smith and Aundrae Allison started to come on late last year, Steve Smith moreso

    the good news for DeSean is that he was only .01 seconds slower than Steve Smith, who looks like he's off to a fine career
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    Congrats to VT Eddie Royal.....nice job
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    Im not sure what Royals split was acutally, I'll put a ranking together when they all get listed.

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