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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by kmp77, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. kmp77

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    I signed up for hd and several of the main channels and some others are free. The 1st tier you pay for has espn and some other no-name channels. Is epsn hd worth it? Is everything in hd or only like the games? Its the only one on that tier plan I care for. Im assuming all the games on espn this season will be on the hd channel, right? Before I add it, just wondering peoples' opinion.
  2. Fear D-Ware

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    everything is in hd, or up-converted. all the games should be in hd.
  3. lurkercowboy

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    Pretty much everything. It is 720p but it looks really good on directv.

    My question is what about nfl network? I see once in a while they say the game of the week is available in HD, but where?
  4. kmp77

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    Is there is a seperate nfl network channel for hd? Timer Warner doesnt even have the normal channel :( Cowboys play Sat Dec 16 on nfl network...i take it us time warner people are screwed?
  5. ChldsPlay

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    With comcast I have 2 NFL Network channels. Neither seem to be HD though.
  6. dallasfan4life

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    everything in hd is better. games are great in hd. once you watch it its hard to watch it another way.
  7. Dallas4ever

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    I totally agree with this.

    I was in denial about the HD quality difference for a long time.

    If you can afford a additional 20 bucks or so month it's well worth it. I watch ESPN religously and I love the high quality. You might as well get the most out of you're High Def TV.

    No NFL Network HD anywhere yet, but I hear that it's coming soon.
  8. Bonecrusher#31

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    The NFL Network only shows the HD GOW during the season and its usually channel 94 or 95

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