ESPN Insider: Mel Kiper Jr: Top 5 seniors by position

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cbz40, Sep 30, 2006.

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    You're gosh darn right it's past time. I've been begging for the last 5 years, when, BTW, we were in GREAT position to grab or make a move to aquire a QB.............even this year...........But noooooooooooo.....CBs, DEs, LBers........

    Specialty players at the top, the rest at the bottom is the way I've always looked at it. You're hopefully not in a good position to get a high you shouldn't pass on those opportunities.
  2. Cbz40

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    We should have had Troy's replacement on the roster before he retired. Groomed and ready to take the reins.
  3. big dog cowboy

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    That is a great point. There wasn't a post-Troy plan at QB. The revolving door at backup QB is an example of JJ not planning for the future.
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    I don't have too much respect for Kiper, but I have less now that he didn't even mention Marshawn Lynch from Cal as a top 5. Take my word, Lynch will be a 1st round draft pick- no questions asked. And we'll be lucky as Cowboys if he slips to us since he has Sanders like moves and power.
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    He's a junior. This list is for Seniors only.

    You're right though. Kiper is an idiot.
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    Michigan State is something else- every year they are monsters for the first 3-4 games then melt down. Today they lost to illinois, easily the worst team in the big ten.
    GT owned VT AT VT. Penn State is solid. Michigan is as usual. Purdue was 4-0. Quinn has played a tougher first five games then any other QB in college ball. TOday he was 29 of 38, 2 tds and 390 yds.
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    And you said he couldn't read.
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    I like how Wolfe from Northern Illinois plays. Seems to me that the only thing he doesn't have is height. Could be another type like Warrick Dunn. Dunn has never been tall enough, but all he does is produce. He had crazy stats today.. 351 yards rushing...
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    Parcells' 2007 Dallas Cowboys Draft Board​

    1. Matt Spaeth, TE Minnesota
    2. Joe Newton, TE Oregon State
    3. Scott Chandler, TE Iowa
    4. Clark Harris, TE Rutgers
    5. Martrez Milner, TE Georgia
    6. Victor Abiamiri, DE/LB Notre Dame
    7. Paul Posluszny, LB Penn State
    8. Earl Everett, LB Florida
    9. Rufus Alexander, LB Oklahoma
    10. Will Herring, LB Auburn
    11. KaMichael Hall, LB Georgia Tech
    12. Brady Quinn, QB Notre Dame
    13. Jeff Samardzija, WR Notre Dame
    14. Ryan Harris, OT Notre Dame
    15. James Marten, OT Boston College
    16. Josh Beekman, OG Boston College
    17. Tom Zbikowski, S Notre Dame
    18. Mason Crosby, K Colorado
    19. Justin Medlock, K UCLA
    20. Andrew Wellock, K Eastern Michigan
    21. Brian Wingert, K Northern Iowa

    * No OC, DT, ILB, CB available from a. Jersey, b. ND, c. BC, or d. Al Groh's UVA ;)
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    I know we've got McBriar, the Austrailian Hoss, doing well... but this kid is amazing... tonight he booted a 78 yard punt...
  12. cowboys19

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    I like Brian Brohm the most. I feel like he has the best attributes to succeed in the NFL
  13. Glenn Carano

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  14. ghst187

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    you are right on...and I'm not sure what this guy is thinking...

    Calvin Johnson
    Dwayne Jarret

    Brian Brohm is at least the #2 QB in the nation

    Jake Long is definitely on that list and should be in top 3

    Lamar Woodley has to be on the list

    The LB from Michigan should also be on this list, forget his name
  15. Cbz40

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    Calvin Johnson......isn't he a junior?
  16. Hostile

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    Yes, he is. Kiper doesn't add Juniors until the declare.
  17. big dog cowboy

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    Calvin Johnson (born September 25, 1985 from Tyrone, Georgia) is an American football player for the Georgia Institute of Technology. He played his first season for the Yellow Jackets in 2004 at the wide receiver position. He is often regarded as one of the best wide receivers in college football.

    One of Georgia Tech's most highly publicized signees in recent years. Rated among the nation's top 10 wide receivers and top 100 players by virtually every recruiting analyst. Tabbed the No. 4 wide receiver and No. 15 player in the nation by Named to the Super Southern 100 by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Rivals 100 by, Hot 100, the SuperPrep All-America 275 and the Prep Star Top 100 Dream Team. Rated the No. 3 player in Georgia, No. 12 in the Southeast and No. 37 in the nation by The No. 7 wide receiver in the nation by SuperPrep. First-team all-state selection (Class AAAA) by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Tabbed to the AJC's preseason Super 11. Caught 40 passes for 736 yards and eight touchdowns as a senior. Added 34 receptions for 646 yards and 10 scores as a junior for two-year totals of 80 catches, 1,479 yards and 18 TDs. [1]

    Johnson has a rare combination of size (6-5, 235), speed (4.32), strength, leaping ability (45" vertical), body control and hand-eye coordination.

    After just 24 games, he has 102 receptions for 1,725 yards and 13 touchdowns. He ranks seventh in Georgia Tech history in career receiving yards, 10th in receptions and tied for sixth in touchdown receptions. Over the last two seasons, he has been responsible for more than 40 percent of Tech's passing yards, despite constant double teams. In addition to his 102 catches, he has drawn 16 pass interference or defensive holding penalities. He has a career average of 16.9 yards per catch.
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    Prescott Burgess

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