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    1. Charlie Frye, Akron (same)
    2. Jason Campbell, Auburn (same)
    3. Dan Orlovsky, Connecticut (same)
    4. Kyle Orton, Purdue (same)
    5. Andrew Walter, Arizona State (same)

    Running Back

    1. Cedric Benson, Texas (same)
    2. Ronnie Brown, Auburn (same)
    3. Carnell Williams, Auburn (same)
    4. Anthony Davis, Wisconsin (same)
    5. J.J. Arrington, California (same)


    1. Paul Jefferson, Penn State (same)
    2. Branden Joe, Ohio State (same)
    3. Keith Joseph, Texas A&M (same)
    4. Will Matthews, Texas (same)
    5. Issa Banna, Northwestern St. (La.) (same)

    Wide receiver

    1. Mike Williams, USC (same)
    2. Braylon Edwards, Michigan (same)
    3. Mark Clayton, Oklahoma (same)
    4. Mark Bradley, Oklahoma (unranked) 5. Roddy White, UAB (4)
    Fred Gibson, Georgia (5)

    Tight End

    1. Alex Smith, Stanford (same)
    2. Garrett Cross, California (same)
    3. Kevin Everett, Miami (same)
    4. Eric Knott, Michigan State (same)
    5. Victor Sesay, Missouri (same)


    1. Alex Barron, Florida State (same)
    2. Jammal Brown, Oklahoma (same)
    3. Adam Terry, Syracuse (same)
    4. Chris Colmer, N.C. State (same)
    5. Logan Mankins, Fresno State (same)


    1. Marcus Johnson, Ole Miss (2)
    2. Elton Brown, Virginia (3)
    3. David Baas, Michigan (1)
    4. Dan Buenning,, Wisconsin (same)
    5. C.J. Brooks, Maryland (same)


    1. Ben Wilkerson, LSU (same)
    2. Vince Carter, Oklahoma (same)
    3. Dylan Gandy, Texas Tech (same)
    4. Scott Mruczkowski, Bowling Green (same)
    5. Drew Hodgdon, Arizona State (same)


    1. Mike Nugent, Ohio State (same)
    2. Dave Rayner, Michigan State (same)
    3. Nick Novak, Maryland (same)
    4. Rhys Lloyd, Minnesota (same)
    5. Matt Payne, BYU (same)


    Defensive end

    1. Dan Cody, Oklahoma (same)
    2. Erasmus James, Wisconsin (same)
    3. Matt Roth, Iowa (4)
    4. Marcus Spears, LSU (5)
    5. David Pollack, Georgia (4)


    1. Travis Johnson, Florida State (same)
    2. Shaun Cody, USC (same)
    3. Anttaj Hawthorne, Wisconsin (same)
    4. Mike Patterson, USC (5)
    5. Dusty Dvoracek, Oklahoma (4)

    Inside linebacker

    1. Barrett Ruud, Nebraska (same)
    2. Lance Mitchell, Oklahoma (same)
    3. Adam Seward, UNLV (unranked)
    4. Kirk Morrison, San Diego State (3)
    5. Mike Goolsby, Notre Dame (same)

    Outside linebacker

    1. Derrick Johnson, Texas (same)
    2. Kevin Burnett, Tennessee (same)
    3. Marcus Lawrence, South Carolina (same)
    4. Derek Curry, Notre Dame (same)
    5. Michael Boley, Southern Miss (unranked)
    DROPPED Ryan Claridge, UNLV (5)


    1. Antrel Rolle, Miami (same)
    2. Bryant McFadden, Florida State (same)
    3. Carlos Rogers, Auburn (unranked)
    4. Corey Webster, LSU (2)
    5. Eric Green, Virginia Tech (same)


    2. Vincent Fuller, Virginia Tech (same)
    1. Oshiomogho Atogwe, Stanford (same)
    3. Gerald Sensabaugh, North Carolina (same)
    4. Sean Considine, Iowa (unranked)
    5. Donte Nicholson, Oklahoma (4)
    Herana-Daze Jones, Indiana (5)


    1. Dustin Colquitt, Tennessee (same)
    2. Cole Farden, Oklahoma State (same)
    3. Gary Cook, UNLV (same)
    4. Chris Kluwe, UCLA (same)
    5. Bryce Benekos, UTEP (same)


    1. Cedric Benson Sr. RB Texas
    Four straight years with over 1,000 yards.

    2. Ronnie Brown Sr. RB Auburn
    A complete, explosive back who does it all.

    3. Carnell Williams Sr. RB Auburn
    Very creative and deceptively strong runner.

    4. Mike Williams Jr. WR USC
    Terrific combo of size and strength.

    5. Dan Cody Sr. DT Oklahoma
    A fiery, intense end who's coming on strong

    6. Erasmus James Sr. DE Wisconsin
    Outstanding pass rusher who can play the run.

    7. Derrick Johnson Sr. LB Texas
    Strength, speed and a nose for the ball.

    8. Travis Johnson Sr. DT Fla. St.
    Vastly improved and a dominant performer.

    9. Braylon Edwards Sr. WR Michigan
    Has the size, speed and athleticism to dominate.

    10. Matt Roth Sr. DE Iowa
    An outstanding natural pass rusher.

    11. Alex Barron Sr. OT Fla. St.
    6-6, 320 and an excellent pass blocker.

    12. Shaun Cody Sr. DL USC
    Vesrsatile performer at DT or DE.

    13. Jammal Brown Sr. OT Oklahoma
    Equally adept at pass and run blocking.

    14. Marcus Spears Sr. DE LSU
    Had 13 tackles for loss and six sacks in '03.

    15. David Pollack Sr. DE Georgia
    Incredible intensity and passion.

    16. Antrel Rolle Sr. CB Miami
    Great in coverage and a good tackler.

    17. Charlie Frye Sr. QB Akron
    Another standout MAC passer.

    18. Bryant McFadden Sr. CB Fla. St.
    Good athletic ability and willing in run support.

    19. Adam Terry Sr. OT Syracuse
    Perhaps the nation's most athletic tackle.

    20. Mark Clayton Sr. WR Oklahoma
    The best WR in years after the catch.

    21. Carlos Rogers Sr. DB Auburn
    Auburn's best defensive player this season.

    22. Alex Smith Sr. TE Stanford
    Leads the Cardinal in receptions.

    23. Mark Bradley Sr. WR Oklahoma
    Also a special-teams standout.

    24. Marcus Johnson Sr. OG Ole Miss
    45 consecutive starts heading into November.

    25. Corey Webster Sr. DB LSU
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    Looks like Nicholson is going to drop similar to Everage last year. OU's defensive backs are getting the label of system backs.
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    I hate to say it, but these senior-only lists are a bit silly. It's like looking at a preseason college football poll in July. Put together your list when the eligible players are known, or include projected juniors. I know Kiper doesn't do this for some reason (maybe he feels he doesn't want to influence the juniors too much since he's the draft's public voice from a scouting standpoint).

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