News: ESPN: Jason Garrett: Coaches need balance too

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    IRVING, Texas -- There is no life out of football for coaches during the season. There is barely a life for them when it is not football season. The recent health scares involving Denver Broncos coach John Fox and Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak has brought examination of just how long a day coaches put in on a daily and weekly basis. Fox underwent heart surgery on Monday and will miss multiple weeks to recover with the Broncos naming ex-Cowboy Jack Del Rio their interim head coach.

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    Hypothetical question:

    Would you give up what you have to become an assistant position coach in the NFL?

    Working day is 4am to 11pm for about 6-7 months out of the year.

    Very little time with family, but you're working for an NFL franchise.

    Me? I wouldn't do it.
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    NFL Coaches are extremely well paid for their time. No one says that you have to coach forever either. And these coaches aren't working those hours during the off season. You've got extremely long hours for probably 4-5 months (assuming you make the playoffs).
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