News: ESPN: Jason Garrett, not Jerry, is in driver's seat

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Jason Garrett, not Jerry, is in driver's seat
    July, 27, 2011
    By Tim MacMahon

    SAN ANTONIO – There might not have been much thought given to the seating arrangement for the press conference to open the Cowboys’ training camp.

    The symbolism, however, was simply too rich to ignore: Jason Garrett is in the driver’s seat.

    The front of the podium used for press conferences at Cowboys’ camps is a Ford truck grill, a reminder of Jerry Jones’ marketing madness. Whether it was intentional or not, Wade Phillips always sat shotgun when he shared the stage with his boss.

    Not Garrett. He’s behind the wheel, which is fitting.

    Who's driving this truck? It was Jason Garrett, not Jerry Jones, behind the wheel at the training camp-opening media conference.Good ol’ Wade lived and died by the whatever-Jerry-says philosophy during Phillips’ tenure in Dallas, which pretty much made it impossible for the head coach to be considered a real authority figure by players. That won’t be a problem for Garrett, whose fingerprints will be on every “organizational decision” – his politically correct term – the Cowboys make under his watch...
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    Yes, I noticed that as well...
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    I love it. Now maybe we can claw ourselves back to being a team instead of a sideshow.

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    That would make a great front of bar display for a Dinner...:D
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    Just like the 'marketing madness' of Robert Kraft when you see the Dunkin' Donuts emblem at Patriots PC's.

    Heaven forbid Jerry try and do what owners are supposed to do...make money.

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    I've been saying since Jason was in grade school that he was going to be a great head coach for the Cowboys.
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    I think they are making too much out of the symbolism of being in the driver seat. Jerry is and will continue to be involved and even when Wade was here decision were made as an organization the same thing was said yesterday.
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    Jerry things he bought a European Ford.
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    I guarantee this was thought through before hand. Jerry is a marketing guru, and Jason is very good at psycholigical tactics. Subconcious visual cues are very effective and used all of the time.

    The company I work for gives supervisory and management level employees training on this very thing. Plus I have read several books on leadership and team building. Jason uses many of the tactics that we have learned, and he is very good at this btw. Many people made fun of the things he did last season after he took over, (i.e. - speaking at a podium, the one good practice one game at a time speaches) but those things were extremely effective.

    These things don't happen by accident.
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    Jerry: rasslin...
    Garrett thinking to himself: WTH?!
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    It's one of those Driver's Ed versions with a drivers wheel on both sides. There's no way Jones would ever let anyone else have anything more than limited control.
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    I was most likely wrong about Garrett.

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