News: espn: Jason Garrett: Penalties biggest red-zone problem

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Jason Garrett: Penalties biggest red-zone problem
    September, 15, 2010 Sep 153:53PM CTEmail Print Comments By Tim MacMahonIRVING, Texas -- All offseason long, Jason Garrett pointed to penalties as one of the Cowboys' primary problems in the red zone.

    He has even more evidence after the Cowboys managed to score only seven points in the season opener. The Cowboys' failed on two of three trips to the red zone, with flags popping up both times.

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    "You keep making that emphasis. You keep making that emphasis," Garrett said. "It’s not an effort issue. A lot of our penalties that are happening during a play are guys working hard to make a block or to do their job.

    "Technically at times, it isn’t right and we get ourselves in compromising positions and make those penalties. It’s something we continue to address."
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    They can "try" all they want, but when the mental level or skill level of the players is sub-standard they find themselves overwhelmed or out of position and they end up committing the penalties,,,
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    did you listen to the podcast that jay ratliff said the other day about penalties,
    here is podcast
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    It is a valid point. Penalty killed us the first trip in and Barron killed us at the end.

    I don't know what we've got to do to minimize the penalties but it needs to happen. Maybe if we wear black and yellow and hail from Pittsburgh we'll get less calls?
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    :laugh1: Love it.

    It is a valid point that penalties keep doing the Cowboys in, but whose fault is that and how do they fix it? I mean, even superstars like Witten keep false starting. Where does the penalty culture come from and can the Cowboys remedy it in time to save the season?
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    Maybe if Wade spent as much time screaming at the players after a penalty as he did screaming at the refs for calling it? For God's sakes, he was screaming at the refs after that blatant and ridiculous block in the back by Marty B. He's worse than Mark Cuban.
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    Witten is just horrible at that though. Not really false starts, but he's notorious for illegal shifts and illegal motion/formation. I think the refs just nitpick Dallas.
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    I said in a previous post that the Cowboys have this "Stupid Mistakes" monkey on their back and have had it since The Switzer era. They were even making stupid penalties when Parcells was there. It just has to stop!!!!
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    I know I was thinking the same thing after that penalty
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    You are correct but it also goes deeper than that. Sometimes it's just plain not paying attention. I wouldn't question either Witten's intelligence or his skill level, yet he he gets called for movement before the snap quite frequently.

    edit: Looks like Boysmamacita beat me to it.
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    Moose just stated, on NFL Network, that Dallas should have helped that sorry excuse for an NFL linemen out on that infamous hold.

    Davis is blocking no one, and Moose stated that if Barber takes an outside release, he can help the pathetic Alex Barron. Dallas had two blockers blocking no one in particular.

    This guy was traded for Barbie Carpenter.

    That should have been a red flag, but it wasn't.

    I ate the cheese on him.

    Never again!

    Still, that doesn't excuse Barron's pathetic lack of effort and technique.

    However, he had been struggling, and our coaches didn't make sure that didn't happen.

    Davis was inside and an outside release by Barber could have prevented that disaster.
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    Dallas Cowboys red zone offense:

  13. Dave_in-NC

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    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
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    Yeah, we will get guy like Parcells and get him to yell and curse players to reduce penalties. Oh wait a minute we already did.

    Maybe we will get Rex Ryan to do it? Well that doesn't work either I guess. Maybe John Harbaugh can do it? Wait a minute, they had most penalty yards last season.

    Well eventually we will find a HC that can reduce penalties if we can get enough HC to coach here...
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    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: o m g... best gif attached to an analogy in awhile.
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    Id love to know the damage report on her mug. Dayum that had to hurt.

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