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ESPN: Jerry Jones: Add four more teams to the playoffs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by perrykemp, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. loublue22

    loublue22 Well-Known Member

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    I can't believe he would go and give this quote after we were eliminated on the final day of the regular season three years in a row.

    How can you have so little awareness?
  2. Doomsay

    Doomsay Well-Known Member

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    Yeah, you are right, his answer seemed so extemporaneous. What a out of left field question that had to be.
  3. BigStar

    BigStar Stop chasing Zone Supporter

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    Of course it is all about the money, that is our collective point? JJ somehow acted as if an 8-8 team (cough) could win a SB, then adding 4 more teams is necessary. I know he's a drunk, but he shouldn't cry to the media.
  4. Doomsay

    Doomsay Well-Known Member

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    Someone forced Jerry to utter that response, that was not what he meant to say, it was all hypothetical.
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  5. coult44

    coult44 Well-Known Member

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    Because fans in Texas have it a bit more easy. You have other Cowboys fans around and more often than not the non-Cowboys fan is the minority. I've lived there, and I've lived in other parts of the country. It's far more difficult being a Cowboys fan away from home..
  6. Gibby!

    Gibby! Pom Pom Waving Shill

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    What an outlandish proposition... How dare he.
    A lot of people with hurt pink little feelings in this thread.
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  7. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

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    This could be his masterpiece.
  8. KB1122

    KB1122 Well-Known Member

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    How about we go back to 28 teams, 2 conferences, 3 divisions each, with 5 playoff teams, instead?
  9. KB1122

    KB1122 Well-Known Member

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    Oh oh oh oh, it's a Jon Mara idea! Maybe if he really pushes, he can get all the wildcard games to be touch.
  10. Nirvana

    Nirvana Well-Known Member

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    From a fan perspective: 4 more fan bases have a team in the playoffs. If their team was a top 2 in the division, they get to see their team play an additional game, though the risk increases of being eliminated before the Super Bowl, or losing it. History shows that it is not a big advantage to have a bye week though.

    From an owner perspective: More revenue

    From an NFLPA perspective: More revenue and more players receiving playoff checks.

    I don't think it's a bad idea.
  11. Boyz981

    Boyz981 Active Member

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    Exactly this isn't a Jerry thing.....this is a league thing! NFL has been talking about this for a few years!
  12. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    If I say Jerry is an absolute embarrassment again will I get another round of likes?

    He is.

    You know what to do.
  13. bark

    bark Well-Known Member

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  14. Wood

    Wood Well-Known Member

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    give it time and they will put 'The Catch' on Garrett.
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  15. nake

    nake Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    Another bell Jerry can't un-ring.:(
  16. dupree89

    dupree89 Well-Known Member

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    I put on Philly Sports Talk this morning to hear a little about tonight's game...and what's the first thing I hear?
    The hosts laughing at Jerry Jones for saying there should be more playoff teams.
    "And I don't suppose this has anything to do with the fact that the Cowboys rarely make it anymore", said one host. [group chuckles]
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  17. theogt

    theogt Surrealist Zone Supporter

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    I'd rather do this than add 2 games to the regular season.
  18. romothesavior

    romothesavior Active Member

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    Just when you think the old loon can't get any loonier...
  19. SultanOfSix

    SultanOfSix Star Power

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    Ah. Jerry's way of "moving the goal posts".
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  20. nake

    nake Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    I think it would be reasonable to assume increasing the number of playoff teams is just a way to create a few more games (and their accompanying revenue) that Roger thinks might resonate with the owners, the union, fans, etc. Jerry opining on the subject after missing the playoffs four straight years probably was not the best way to present the idea to football fans.
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