News: ESPN: Jerry Jones impressed with Collins

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by viman96, Apr 29, 2004.

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    "I think, for sure, you have to give that a look because we have a lot of respect for him," Jones told the New York Times. "He's beaten us more than we've beaten him. ... No organization would have more respect for him than us."

    Interesting comments and I'm sure this will only add fuel to the rumors.
  2. Sarge

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    well, we'll see what happens
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    Sounds like Jerry would like Collins here in Dallas. The other QBs that have become available he's dismissed rather quickly. Looking at the stats KC clearly plays better with Sean Payton around him. I think he could come in here, start and win at least as many games as QC.
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    I agree - I really think it's going to come down to $.
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    I also agree Duane.......I have never heard JJ be this open about a Vet. QB.
    I'm not holding my breath but I really like to see Collins signed.
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    I think I've read this about a dozen times already.
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    Well... IMHO... Collins would be nuts not to take a comparable deal from the Raiders... Gannon and Tuiasasopo are both coming off major injuries...

    But there is a catch... The Hardline (on The Ticket) said they were talking to Tim Brown and he said Tuiasasopo was looking very sharp and throwing the ball really well... he was a nice college QB... hated to see him go down...
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    From Spags latest:

    The latest now is quarterback Kerry Collins, released by the New York Giants. He's been a starter for Carolina, New Orleans and the Giants. He's 31. And he enjoyed his best season working with Cowboys assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach Sean Payton while both were with the Giants in 2000, the year the Giants advanced all the way to the Super Bowl.

    A natural fit, right?

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, thought to be in the market for a veteran backup, didn't deflect any such talk, either, telling the New York Times, "I think, sure, you have to give that a look, because we have a lot of respect for him. He's beaten us more than we've beaten him, first when he was with Carolina, then with New Orleans and also with the Giants. No organization would have more respect for him than us.

    "We will keep our options open as all of the veteran quarterbacks become available with the idea that Quincy Carter is our starter, that Drew Henson needs time to adjust and we need a veteran in the mix there. And that's not to say Chad Hutchinson won't get his shot."

    But understand, what the Cowboys are looking for is a veteran backup, not a guy who still thinks he's capable of starting in the NFL. Vinny Testaverde would fit into that category. Not sure Collins or Warner do. They both think they are starting material, and while those jobs are drying up quickly around the league, would unlikely settle for a backup job for backup pay with the Cowboys before exhausting all possibilities.

    Listen to Collins. Does this sound like a man willing to back up Carter?

    "It may be hard for me to find a job as a starter now, but I believe I'm a starter," he told the New York Daily News after the Giants sent their 4½-year starter packing. "I believe I've got a lot of good years left."

    Sure the Cowboys should investigate this, but it would seem doubtful they would be willing to pay Collins the type of money to prick his interest knowing they intend to start Cater this year and have Drew Henson, and possibly Hutchinson, waiting in the wings.

    Don't think Jerry was saying he wanted KC, just the option was something you'd have to explore.

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