News: ESPN: Jerry Jones would like Spencer to return

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Sep 25, 2013.

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    See, now you're Spicoli'ing again. :)
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    All I need are the surf, some suds, and the two babes on my arms .
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    And Anthony Spencer on another roster? :)
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    Yeah, and the Cowboys and Cowboy cheerleaders,a billion dollars. Yeah that should do me for a while
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    visionary, I'll break from my policy this once to ask directly why you stopped posting in this thread? After calling jobber 'disingenous' and suggesting passively that I was deliberately 'mis-stating the truth,' it'd have been nice to get a mea-culpa, or at least a sensible pivot to your original argument.

    It's hardly a requirement, but it's good form on a message board when you have a brain-fart. We all have them from time to time.
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    IMO, JJ is playing the mind game in a few ways (#'s 2&3 stick out to me):

    1) he is pretending that the $10m is no big deal to the media, and thus, us as the fans...$10m is a pretty big deal, but it was the right move at the time; no one knew he was going to have a season-ending well spent? no, of course well invested at the time? yes....had we given him a 3 or 4 year deal, who knows how that would have worked out (will he be able to come back?)
    2) He is saying nice things because what if spencer comes back healthy in the spring and WANTS to play for Dallas at a reasonable deal? the guy has talent, you can't shut the door on that, especially since he has history in dallas - the "what if" is now still in play; had JJ come out and said thins like "we wasted the money", "Selvie proved that we don't need him", etc., then you have a po'd player who won't sign with you, but will have a chip on his shoulder when he is playing for Philly, NY, or Wash next year
    3) Other players in the league see that JJ loves his own players and generally takes care of them; it likely makes it more palatable for them to come to Dallas as a FA (see: Waters); sending this type of message can only be good
    4) we don't know if he is just playing games as a GM, although past history suggests that he sometimes doesn't know what he is doing

    I personally will give him the benefit of the doubt on this one...Spencer has been a cowboy, and could be one in the have to hedge your bets some times, although the franchise bet didn't pay off....I know JJ likes him some mic time, but I can't see him having the same conversation right now about Ratliff if he ended up on IR
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    Really good post.
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    Franchise player level? This is the problem with some Cowboy fans, of which Jerry Jones is the founding member. Anthony Spencer had 11 whole sacks at $805,000 a pop. He played well enough, but enough to build a franchise around? Cowboys fans and their owner have an over-inflated sense of their 8-8 team's "best" players.

    Moreover Jerry Jones doesn't have a sense of when to let go. Anthony Spencer has never been reliable throughout his career and he happens to have his best year-- again a whopping 11 sacks-- in a contract year (red flag) at age 30 (red flag), in a season where DeMarcus Ware was playing with one arm and a bad groin and still had more sacks. When I think franchise player, give me JJ Watt or Jared Allen. Guys who've done it time and again.

    Franchising Spencer was a gamble last year and a bigger gamble this year. Most other GM's would get the benefit of a doubt, but Jones does this over and over. A half dozen of the 90's stars, Terence Newman, Jay Ratliff, you can see it happening again with Miles Austin, and there's definitely more.

    I'm only glad they didn't sign a huge long term deal.
  9. Idgit

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    It was already covered earlier in the thread, but, after the extension discussions bogged down relatively early in the offseason, the team clearly decided to franchise Anthony Spencer based off of their internal proscouting evaluation of his play the prior year and the projection of the coaches as to how effective he'd be in the new defense. This wasn't just Jerry Jones not having a sense of when to let go.

    And 'only' 11 whole sacks from the SOLB position is nothing to sneeze at. By 'franchise player' I'm obviously referring to a player you'd use the franchise tag on, and not necessarily a guy you build your franchise around. Spencer was never worth and was never going to get a deal in the ~$10M+/season range.

    You're wrong to say that AS has not been reliable throughout his career. He's been a very consistent and very reliable player. It's always a gamble to give one player a one-year $10M+ payout, but as far as players go, AS was a relatively safe one to take the risk with. He's been very good, for a long time, he was coming off his best statistical season. He had a history of staying on the field. He was on the right side of 30, and he was moving to a system that the coaches thought would benefit him rather than hurt him. And, if you really want to consider a contract year a significant factor, he'd have been playing in another contract-year situation.

    I know, it's fun to blame Jerry Jones for things outside his control. Personally, I'd prefer it if we just agreed to blame him for the dozens of dumb things he actually does, and not for a health problem that cropped up for an otherwise good, healthy player *after* he received the franchise tag.
  10. ravidubey

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    The injury was part of the risk of franchising a 30 year old player who happened to have the best season of his six year career. He's never been more than a solid player, and some kind of a let down was to be expected. Giving him the huge raise he received was overkill, especially with the team headed for cap Hell in 2014 with Bryant to sign and Ratliff and Austin to cut.

    Jerry Jones never learns when to cut ties, and this is just further evidence of that. With Jerry Jones, there's always some excuse. Haley, Novacek, Johnston, Emmitt, Aikman, Pup, Coryatt, Pickens, Ismail, OJ Santiago, Barber, Ratliff, and now with Austin and Spencer, the list grows. What other NFL GM's does this "fluke" of paying players who suddenly develop season-ending and or chronic injuries consistently happen to?

    In Jerry's mind, he's finding diamonds in the rough and paying them what they are worth. He needs to hire a better gemologist.
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    I don't see him coming back, I see Dallas addressing the DE position early in the draft.
  12. Hook'em#11

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    Why? Why bring this guy back? I see no reason. Not like he is the missing piece to this defense being great. He is an old player , gets hurt too much IMO and can be replaced. Dallas should've let him walk. Get a young healthy boy in there that can soak up the new defense and run with it. This FO always seems so scared of everything in regards to younger players and the keep older players beyond their time. And Dallas gets nowhere. Meanwhile, other teams get other players, excel sometimes. Yet, Dallas stays stagnant.
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    Thank You, Well said, good post.:D
  14. Idgit

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    Not recently. We're cutting older players left and right in favor of younger ones. Look what we went into the season with at S, for example.. We do have Crawford coming back, and Bass, who they seem to like quite a bit, too. We'll draft another DL pretty high next year, and are probably going to let Rat walk. Hatcher is a question mark in my book, depending what he wants to get paid.

    Anthony Spencer makes sense at the right price. We'd need insurance v. the microfracture surgery, though, if he can't come back. I suspect, though, that it's going to be difficult to get him to accept the right price, given the trouble we had reaching terms on an extension back when he was healthy. Either way, the public intimation by Jones that AS will be back and would be a quality player we'd be interested in at the right price doesn't cost us anything, and it's a nice gesture for the Spencer camp to hear. Nothing to be upset about, anyway.
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    great post
    jerry is a football idiot and everyone with an iota of sense knows it

    of course, then there are those that defend him.....
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    I agree.
  17. LatinMind

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    Yup too loyal. This is where i think he faults.

    Spencer is very good but Dallas has a cheaper younger guy in Selvie who is basically giving you the production that Spencer wouldve given you. Unless Spencer is willing to take a low salary then its time to move on, Give up thought about him taking minimum. Thats never going to happen.
  18. dallasdave

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    Spencer=return to sender=the address unknown.
  19. CyberB0b

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    It was a buyer's market for DEs. We overpaid by about 50%,even if he played every game.

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