News: ESPN MacMahon: Humble pie nourishes Cowboys' talent

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    Complete performance in Houston after 0-2 start serves as reminder of Dallas' potential
    [​IMG] By Tim MacMahon

    HOUSTON -- We'll wait until the Dallas Cowboys are at least a .500 football team before cranking up the hype machine again.

    But their performance in Sunday's 27-13 win over the previously unbeaten Houston Texans served as a reminder of the Cowboys' immense potential.

    A desperate Dallas team displayed its arsenal of offensive weapons and proved it can finish drives. The Cowboys' defense kept the explosive Texans out of the end zone until garbage time and forced its first three turnovers of the season.

    The Cowboys' complete effort provides evidence that a talented team that found ways to lose its first two games really could be a contender if the proper focus is in place.

    "If we go like that through the season and carry it over, we'll have a great season," said cornerback Mike Jenkins, who ended the turnover drought with an interception. "But if we come out thinking we've already won something that we haven't, it's going to be a long season for us."
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    Keep that dog mentality and they'll be fine!

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