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    Awesome article about Luck, DeCastro, Fleener, and Martin and their relationship at Stanford. There's one part that's awesome and focuses solely on DeCastro. I was going to type the whole thing out but I'm too lazy. Here's what really caught my eye:

    "But when Shaw asked DeCastro to set an example, he tailored the role for him: "I don't need you to give speeches. But I need you to demand that the guys play to your level. If they don't, they need to be afraid of you."

    DeCastro smiled and said, "I can do that." And he did, sparing no one. During one game last season, Luck, who typically called three plays in the huddle and picked one at the line of scrimmage depending on the defense, missed a run-check as the play clock was winding down. DeCastro was not happy: "Andrew, what the f--, man? Get us in a good play." Luck explained that he ran out of time, to which DeCastro replied, "Don't do it again."

    I think we desperately need that type of attitude! :bow: :bow: :bow:

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