News: ESPN: Marinelli to Ware: 'Close but no cigar'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. kruddy

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  2. kruddy

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    I am a new member at posting, not sure how it works. I was referring to an attitude overhaul. I have been a fan since 1964 . My life has been hell since the team was sold to JJ . I have read your website every day since 2007. I donated today as that seems the right thing to do
  3. erod

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    Ware didn't even record a tackle. After that first play, he disappeared.
  4. Maxmadden

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    Kruddy your opinions are as valid as anybody's here so don't be intimidated by these internet nazis. We (believe it or not) are all fans with the same common interest.
  5. Hoods

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    3 Superbowls made your life hell?
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  6. iceman117

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    Motivating your best defensive player in a joking manner, clever
  7. iceman117

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    From 2001-2005 are the only years that could qualify as "hell" even though we haven't done much recently we have been in the playoffs or at least close to making the playoffs in the JJ era most of the years.... Don't what they guy qualifies as hell but I'd sure hate to see it
  8. Risen Star

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    It was a very underwhelming debut in the new defense.

    I know he's the only pass rush threat on the field but when you're supposed to be the best, you have to overcome that.
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  9. Don Corleone

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    Yeah, and I don't care if Ware takes the message the wrong way. I'm glad this coaching staff isn't coddling star players. Aside from the INT, Ware's performance was underwhelming. He claimed he's bigger and stronger now after the last offseason. It needs to translate on the field of play...
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  10. dwight

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    Marinelli is the best acquisition pick up this past offseason. Next offseason Jerry should focus on providing him with young and talented DTs and DEs.
  11. Idgit

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    He had, what 10 pressures according to him, and the interception? That's the "close" part of the "close, but no cigar" bit.

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