News: Espn McMahon: Jason Garrett must identify talent

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    Jason Garrett must identify talent

    Interim head coach has yet to prove that he can be trusted in role as evaluator

    by Tim McMahon

    IRVING, Texas -- Can we put off plans to place a statue of Jason Garrett next to the one of Tom Landry outside of JerryWorld? Let's nitpick a little bit.

    After all, Jerry Jones basically begged us to expose his interim coach's warts despite the Dallas Cowboys being a fumble away from a four-game winning streak since Garrett grabbed the wheel of a 1-7 clunker.

    "What I do not want to do -- and I want to be real careful -- is to try to identify or couch Jason as, he can step in here and get it done," Jerry said in the visitors' locker room at Lucas Oil Stadium after the Cowboys' comeback overtime win over the defending AFC champion Indianapolis Colts. "Because if we don't get it done and times get hard, which that happens as a head coach, then all of the sudden the bloom is off the rose and everybody says he's overrated. It's a lot of expectations to get used to a guy coming in and winning 75 percent of his games right off the bat."

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    I want Garrett as the next Head coach but I must confess that some of these personnel decisions have me somewhat concerned. If the average fan can rate the talent better than the head coach we will have no long term success that's for sure. I'm just holding out hope that it was Jerry and Wade behind these decisions and not just Garrett. I hope with a little more power he can force the best players onto the field.
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    We see the tip of the iceberg--the games. While that's the most important part of the iceberg, there's so much more that could be seen. How do they practice and study?
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    In a league where avoiding the bad play is so much more important than making more good plays, it's pretty easy to see why coaches keep steady vets in place longer than they sometimes should.

    Frankly, I'd be more concerned if we were playing rookies sooner than we should. Players like Butler and Ball and Choice all have potential, but if you see during the week that they're maybe not as on top of the game as the vets, it's a gamble to play them anyway. One mistake on a blitz pickup by a promising young player, and you can lose your probowl QB for 8 weeks.

    Is that worth an extra few yards in the running game? At some point it is, but knowing definitely where that line is when you're doing everything else that comes with getting elevated to the HC job for an underperforming team isn't as easy as it sounds to an armchair QB.
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    Don't know how much influence Garrett had while OC/Asst HC but doubt he kind of guy who strongly disagrees with Wade to the point of causing a stink. After all, Wade was HC & Garrett certainly didn't want cause dissension.

    I do remember several weeks ago Ware was quoted saying Romo wanted to redo several offensive plays during practice to ensure they correctly done in upcoming game. Ware said this wasn't allowed cause Wade didn't like to do that; it wasn't his philosophy. Ware made no mention of Romo's reaction nor any reference to Garrett.

    Did read that Bennett was Garrett's pick; most of us haven't been thrilled with his play or even the way we got rid of Fasano & turned around to draft Bennett. But admit Bennett has made a very few catches which helped the team. Do remain concerned about Garrett's ability to evaluate players but none of us know how much he was willing or not to strongly disagree with Wade. Given the delicate situation it entirely possible Garrett walked a tight rope to avoid creating problems in opposing Wade for any reason.

    Since Garrett named HC, the entire team has played smart, hard & aggressively with their heart. Our defense has forced/taken advantage of opponents problems by causing turnovers. Since that wasn't happening under Wade & has been a problem for several years, why was defense able to change once Garrett took over and Pasq became DC.
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    I don't know why we fans get preoccupied with the idea that coaches pick players. The coaches tell the scout what sorts of attributes are best for each position for the scheme they're running, and then the scouts evaluate and slot the players. The team puts a board together based off of how those evaluations match up with their draft position and needs. It's not like the coaches are going in on draft day with a stack of mocks to lobby for the players on their lists who happen to be available. Even the Head Coach is just a voice in the process once the team's on the clock.
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    Didn't Jerry said that Phillips was the best evaluator of talent he has been around? I thought he said that a few months back. I would love to have Garret be the next HC.
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    i just think the coaches need to do a better job of playing the best players we have.
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    Yeah, that was one of Wade's strengths.
    Whatever his weaknesses as a HC, Wade did do a lot of things right. I'm glad the organization and the players are still treating the guy with a lot of respect for his time here.
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    Don't forget who was the offensive coordinator and assistant head coach during that absolutely inexcusable 1-7 start. That be, none other than, Jason Garrett.

    No thanks to Garrett. I don't want him as an offensive coordinator, let alone a head coach.

    Except for WR coach Ray Sherman and Wade Wilson, I'd get rid of every coach. Out with the old, get some new blood in at coaching.
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    My God. That was beautiful.
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    Don't forget! Belichick was terrible as the Cleveland Browns head coach. Get rid of him! Bring in some new blood! No retreads! Can't possibly suceed.
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    Nice work from Tim McMahon here.

    He makes his case and then supports it with multiple examples.

    I want Garrett to keep the head coaching job at this point, but I still feel that the numerous blunders with personnel raises a legitimate concern.
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    Glad you are not GM of any team. Probably would make Matt Millen look like a genious. :rolleyes:
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    Great article and I couldn't agree more. I wouldn't stop at Garrett though. I think the entire Dallas Managemnt team has really made poor personnel evaluations. They have really good players right under their nose and never play them - unless they're backed in a corner because of an injury. Not good. Every great coach, boss, manager has to self-evaluate and look for flaws in themselves. Jason has to look at this as his flaw and something that he really needs to work on improving. Garrett lovers may disagree but it's the truth.


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    You can certainly ask some of these questions about Garrett. I've asked them.

    He left out Marion Barber's contract and the trade and contract for Roy Williams, the two biggest blunders since Parcells left.

    Also, he left out the fact that Jones averaged 7.3 carries per game when Dallas went into the Titans game this year.

    Choice is a good football player, but if you put Jones and Choice on waivers, I would be willing to bet that just about every team would take Felix Jones.

    This "most complete" back stuff (in regards to Choice) is annoying, and I've heard it for three years.

    The uber feeding frenzy regarding Choice is ridiculous.

    I watched Emmitt Smith play at Florida. Choice is not Emmitt Smith.

    "The Dallas media's Choice" is a good football player, but if anyone in the media actually believes the fallacies being spread around about Jones (in the Dallas media), you are going to be very disappointed. Felix Jones isn't Marion Barber. Go ahead and keep talking smack...Let's see how many of you look after this offensive line is upgraded and can block counter runs again.

    Choice is a running back.

    Jones is an explosive weapon, and he s the type of player that the Philadelphia Eagles would love to have.

    In fact, after Jones hung 272 total yards on them, in two weeks, last year, they decided to draft a similar type of player.
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    I know, right?
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    Tashard Choice and Felix Jones are both running backs.
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    I don't know what happened this year. The players just quit and it was painfully obvious. For any faults he may have had, Wade got us our only playoff win in 15 years. Something even Parcells couldn't do. Beating the Saints at home during their super bowl run and beating the eagles three times two of them back to back. If Jason Garrett is the head coach next year, that will be his measuring stick.
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    Timmy Mac just has his panties in a bunch because Garrett has been owning him in the press conferences.

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