ESPN - Mike Stoops, Gone At Arizona.

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    Mike Stoops out at Arizona after 8 years

    Updated: October 11, 2011, 3:46 AM ET

    Arizona coach Mike Stoops had been lauded for turning the program around, leading the Wildcats to three straight bowls after a decade of mediocrity.

    But even as Arizona was making its run to last year's Alamo Bowl, there were signs that the program had taken a step back.

    Combined with a lackluster start to this season, athletic director Greg Byrne had seen enough.

    Byrne announced Monday that Arizona had fired Stoops halfway through his eighth season, ending a run that had quickly deteriorated in the desert.

    "I was concerned about the direction of the program and where we were going, and felt that needed to be addressed," Byrne said. "We felt this would give everybody a fresh start for the remainder of the season."

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    I know it is pointless to hope for, but Chris Peterson of Boise State is my number one wish.
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    That's who I would put money on.
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    At the very least you would get a very exciting offense.

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