News: ESPN Mosley: Monday evening blitz package - Cowboys Only

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    By Matt Mosley

    While we watch Giants-Vikings, let's take a peek at some of the issues that came out of Sunday's games in the Beast:

    Dallas Cowboys

    • [​IMG]The running game took a major step back against the Eagles. Felix Jones averaged 3.2 yards on 13 carries. He repeatedly slammed into Eagles defenders and had a hard time finding any creases. Part of that is Antonio Dixon and Mike Patterson playing so well in the middle, but the interior of the Cowboys' offensive line did a really poor job moving their feet. Tashard Choice and Jones never really had a chance to get a head of steam. And a week after having a breakout performance against the Colts, Choice only had eight touches against the Eagles. That really doesn't make any sense.
    • I'm not sure what has happened to Miles Austin. The Cowboys are now paying Austin like a No. 1 receiver, but he's faded ever since Jon Kitna took over as quarterback. I realize that Kitna doesn't throw the ball down the field as much as Tony Romo, but it's not like Austin is only a vertical player. That looked like a hot read over the middle last night that glanced off Austin's hands for an Eagles interception. The ball appeared to surprise him, and I'm not sure why. He has too many drops and he's not taking advantage of his few opportunities. Jason Garrett has to figure out a way to get Austin going again. Surely the receivers haven't fallen apart because Dez Bryant's out of the lineup. It's not like he was putting up huge numbers over the past month.
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