News: ESPN NFCE: Cowboys get a much-needed laugher

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    By Dan Graziano

    Look, the St. Louis Rams are a wreck -- a winless mess of a team that can't do a thing right on the field, didn't have its quarterback Sunday and defended DeMarco Murray as though he were invisible. We'll get all of that out of the way right up front, okay? On the impressive victories chart, this game the Dallas Cowboys played Sunday doesn't rate.

    But will they ever take it.

    This is a Cowboys team that has had every play, every route, every pre-snap audible examined down to the nub all season long. A team that had played 11 straight games, dating back into last November, that were decided by four or fewer points. This is a team that is hailed when it wins and excoriated when it loses, on whom no fan or pundit anywhere can ever seem to find any middle ground. Wild extremes of feeling and opinion have defined the assessment and evaluation of these Cowboys. What a relief it must have been to finally, at long last, play a game that defied picking-apart.

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