News: ESPN NFCE: Cowboys must help Bryant, not dump him

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    By Dan Graziano |

    I don't know if Dez Bryant will ever completely get his act together, and neither do you. The people who are calling for the Dallas Cowboys to release Bryant in the wake of his Monday arrest on a domestic violence charge, those who are shouting about how he'll never get it and isn't worth the trouble, must take a step back for a moment and remember what it is that we actually do know.

    We know that Bryant is only 23 years old, and that labeling someone irretrievable when they're still that young is not just foolish but irresponsible. We know he hasn't had much reliable guidance in his life. And if you believe Deion Sanders, he hasn't always responded well when guidance has been offered. We know that he's made bad choices, that he has too often acted in ways that show he doesn't understand his responsibilities as a young adult, let alone a star athlete in the public eye.

    We know he has huge talent, which is why someone who makes the bad choices Bryant has made gets the brilliant chance he's been given. We know he's important to the Cowboys as a wide receiver, this year and beyond, and that in order to have the success they believe he can have, he must stop being the off-field headache he's been since they drafted him. But we don't know for sure, four months short of his 24th birthday, that he is incapable of putting his troubles behind him. And because we -- and the Cowboys -- don't know that, the Cowboys absolutely must find a way to help him.

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