News: ESPN NFCE: Even if Redskins sue, Cowboys won't

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    By Dan Graziano |

    According to Ed Werder, even if the Redskins go through with this insanely far-fetched plan, the Dallas Cowboys will not be joining them. The Cowboys were only stripped of $10 million in cap space -- $5 million last year and $5 million this year. While that obviously stings, it's nothing compared to the $36 million the league took from the Redskins. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys have moved on. Dan Snyder and the Redskins are still kicking and screaming. I think Jones is the one making the smarter play. Because while, as you know, I believe these teams were done wrong by a cabal of fellow billionaires who make up their own rules as they go along, there are no angels in this mess.

    Jones and Snyder weren't doing what they did in that uncapped season for the benefit of the players the league had collectively decided to squeeze. They were doing it because they wanted to help position themselves to win in future seasons. They did something other teams did, but they did it to an extent that upset their fellow owners and led the league's management council to push for cap fines. That committee's chairman, Giants owner John Mara, has said he believes the Cowboys and Redskins were lucky they didn't lose draft picks as a result of this behavior.

    The Cowboys are wise to move on. Maybe that's easy for them to say, because they're not as hamstrung as the Redskins are. Heck, maybe I'm wrong and the Redskins' kicking and screaming and lawsuit-threatening actually gets them some relief. But I doubt this comes to anything, and the Cowboys are smartly making their offseason plans based on the reality of the situation and not a long-shot fantasy based on lawsuits that likely will never happen.

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    Jerry Jones wants another Super Bowl - actually more than one - in Cowboys Stadium again. He's not about to risk that to get a measly $10 Million back on the cap when Stephen Jones can esily do that with a stroke of pen on one or two players' contracts.

    For Sneyder it's different. He got hit hard with the cap. But that allowed him to take more of a chance trading away multiple picks to land his new QB. So he cushioned the blow of his much larger cap hit by having to sign fewewr rookies over a 3 year span. BUT, that cushion went away once his QB tore his knee.

    While RGIII is expected to return, how would you feel if you gave up draft picks to get a QB, lost that QB to injury and are now having to manage him back from it, and all the while you have a big chunk of your cap missing that you need to plug up holes - maybe even at QB if the injury thing goes south?

    Still, I don't think Sneyder is looking for a judicial ruling by suing the NFL. I think he's using the lawsiut threat to get the league back to the bargaining table so he can work out a settlement to get some of his lost cap room back.

    I can't say I blame either Dan Sneyder or Jerry Jones for taking the stances they are each taking in this matter.

    If you think about it, both are rreally just doing the same thing, which is looking out for their teams' own personal interests. Billionaires, I tell ya! :laugh2:
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    I agree. Move on rather than fighting a losing battle.
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    If the Redskins win, doesn't it benefit the Cowboys too? No need to sue if the Skins are going to do it?
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    How much actually hits Jerry pocket if he gets a Super Bowl?
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    My thoughts as well
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    this exact move when this first got reported. It doesn't make sense to fight the powers that be for such little gain. 10 millions in cap space over 2 years is not much to overcome.
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    Of course, Jerry might still feed Snyder with whatever useful insider information he's gotten. Let Snyder be the stalking horse in the operation.

    Snyder's just the type who might try to throttle the golden goose, which gives his threats a bit more traction. And they didn't throw Uncle Al out of the clubhouse, despite his incessant troublemaking and sueing of the NFL.
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    Nothing directly, but a ton indirectly. JJ owns the concessions company Legends and gets a 35-50% split for the game. He also owns 75 Papa Johns Pizza stores, most in N Texas and the boost for the local economy is huge. Plus the parking tax pays down the stadium debt that JJ guaranteed. Add in happy sponsors, season ticket and suite holders and it's a huge indirect windfall for JJ. Not to mention the ego blast of being BMOC for the week.
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    Jerry should sue the league back into the Stone Age.

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