News: ESPN NFCE: Jerry Jones defends his 'dump'

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    By Dan Graziano

    As we have discussed, the trash-talking in advance of this weekend's big divisional showdown between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys has been a tad lame. Our man Calvin Watkins asked DeMarcus Ware why he thought Justin Tuck called Cowboys Stadium a "dump" two years ago. Ware said something about Tuck being jealous and wishing he were a Cowboy. Tuck said no way, he hates the Cowboys and by the way doesn't remember calling the stadium a dump.

    But Calvin was sure he remembered it, and so he searched for the story he wrote after that Giants-Cowboys game in 2009 in which Tuck got hurt because Flozell Adams had to cheat in order to stop him.

    Regardless, trash talk about the stadium remains lame, and I have to give Cowboys owner Jerry Jones credit for his response to a question about Tuck's comments on his radio appearance today. From the same link:

    Maybe Jones said it best regarding Tuck when he ended his weekly radio show by saying, "Hopefully that's the competitive spirit in him. I would tell him this, he's never been in more of an expensive dump in his life."​

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    :laugh2: @ Jerry's response... Classic! :bow:

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