News: ESPN NFCE: The Dallas Cowboys' chance to prove it

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    By Dan Graziano |

    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said he thinks his team can contend for a Super Bowl title this season. I have written here many times that I disagree. Public proclamations aside, I think that the roster remains a work in progress and that the actions of the men who run the Cowboys over the last year-plus have been those of an organization more concerned about building for the long-term than about winning right now.

    But this being the NFL, neither I nor Jones actually knows whether the Cowboys will play well enough over their final 10 games to make the playoffs and make a run at the Super Bowl. What I do know is that their next two games -- this week's home game against the Giants and next week's game against the currently undefeated Falcons in Atlanta -- offer a really good chance to prove that what Jones has said is true.

    The Cowboys' next two opponents are as tough as they come -- the defending Super Bowl champs, who are still mad about the way the Cowboys beat them at their place in early September, and then the team that's played better than any other in the league so far this season. They are the top two teams in this week's ESPN Power Rankings, and if the Cowboys can play well against and/or beat either one of them, then Jones' claims of 2012 contention might start to hold a little more water.

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