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ESPN - Numbers never lie, Tony Romo

Discussion in 'Rant Zone' started by Jenky, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Jenky

    Jenky Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    4,821 Messages
    2,274 Likes Received
    I was just watching this. Michael Smith and Jemele Hill basically said Dallas is pissing away Tony Romo. They brought out a ton of stats that show he's a QB in elite company, yet 5 out of 7 QBs he's grouped with have won a Superbowl and only he and Matt Ryan have not. They basically said he's one of the most clutch QBs next to Manning with all of these 4 quarter comebacks and his defense in the past 3 years have been atrocious, they never seem to bail him out when his team is up in the 4th quarter with less than 5 minutes left.

    Maybe someone can upload this.
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  2. Staubacher

    Staubacher Well-Known Member

    6,590 Messages
    9,479 Likes Received
    Oh noo long thread acometh...
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  3. Jenky

    Jenky Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    4,821 Messages
    2,274 Likes Received
  4. dargonking999

    dargonking999 DKRandom

    11,934 Messages
    395 Likes Received
    Romo War begin!
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  5. Mookie

    Mookie Well-Known Member

    426 Messages
    352 Likes Received
    I've been saying it for almost 8 years, Tony Romo is an elite quarterback who plays at the highest level, and a SB ring would safely secure him as the greatest or second greatest Dallas quarterback that has ever lived. Of course this is not a popular opinion among Cowboys fans, or NFL fans for that matter.

    Surely fans will debate Aikman as a better QB, but having been a witness of both players, Romo is just a better quarterback, period. Aikman was blessed to have a great team in a non-salary cap era, which meant an easier path to the big games. Not to take anything from his greatness, I like Romo better. Ultimately ESPN is right; numbers don't lie.
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  6. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

    7,074 Messages
    8,308 Likes Received
    He's not clutch but I do agree the Cowboys have wasted his career away. Then again Witten and Ware were wasted here too.
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  7. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

    37,133 Messages
    43,593 Likes Received
    Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.

    One of the greatest sins of Jerry Jones is wasting the career of Antonio Ramiro Romo.

    This is a guy with championship level ability who will go down as a pretender simply because he signed on to a team with an insane owner.
  8. CanadianCowboysFan

    CanadianCowboysFan Lightning Rod

    17,630 Messages
    1,656 Likes Received
    Hell, even against the Broncos, he gets blamed but again the defence let him down, same with Packers game, hell Detroit even more. The defence never holds at the end of a game so he is forced to throw late and boom, INT and blame him.
  9. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

    39,028 Messages
    24,366 Likes Received
    At the end of the day, Romo will probably have zero regrets. That insane owner has paid him handsomely and Romo has been fine with it.

    I won't shed tears for Romo if he does not win anything. He knew what he was signing on for long term with this last extension.
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  10. Vinnie2u

    Vinnie2u Well-Known Member

    4,142 Messages
    3,267 Likes Received
    Aaron Rodgers had the worst defense in the league and still won a Super Bowl... Just saying.
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  11. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

    15,984 Messages
    11,540 Likes Received
    I didn't even know could get the other dimension, Bizarro ESPN.
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  12. pugilist

    pugilist Stick N Move

    4,631 Messages
    3,863 Likes Received
    they were great at generating turnovers though.. just saying
  13. pugilist

    pugilist Stick N Move

    4,631 Messages
    3,863 Likes Received
    even the INT itself could be argued wasn't entirely his fault.. o-lineman stepping on his foot mid-throw coupled with Escobar running a sloppy route
  14. Vinnie2u

    Vinnie2u Well-Known Member

    4,142 Messages
    3,267 Likes Received
    The defense, the coaches, the o-line and of course Jerry. It's amazing this team ever won a game.
  15. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

    37,133 Messages
    43,593 Likes Received
    Very true but he could have made his millions elsewhere and at least had a chance.

    Good point that he knew the hand he was dealt when he signed his extension. I can't blame him for signing here initially. It's the Cowboys. They used to be something. Tom Landry. America's Team. Yada yada yada.

    But once he got to know Jerry Jones he should have been looking for the exit door. You can't win here. It's too hard. Go somewhere and make your money on a more level playing field. An environment that is more conducive to success.
  16. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

    37,133 Messages
    43,593 Likes Received
    In a locker room run by the head coach.

    Aaron Rodgers would have won jack and squat in Dallas. Same with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and even Rod Marinelli if he wanted to play QB.
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  17. tecolote

    tecolote Well-Known Member

    2,010 Messages
    1,089 Likes Received
    Dallas gave up 73 more points last year than GB that season. Just saying.
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  18. Jstopper

    Jstopper Well-Known Member

    2,467 Messages
    2,910 Likes Received
    Some people will never ever get it. No matter how many times it has been proven over and over with stat after stat and examples galore football fans have become so brainwashed that they believe the qb to be the end all end all. Doesn't matter if you have the worst defense in the league doesn't matter if they give up 50 points doesn't matter if a team doesn't punt against you. If your qb doesn't play outside his mind and score td after td and he makes 1 mistake he is a choker and the root of your teams problems. The masses flock to this mindless drivel like sheep. God I hope some miracle happens and romo can get a ring before he retires. I can't think of any player in recent history who deserves a bust in Canton more.
  19. 65fastback2plus2

    65fastback2plus2 Well-Known Member

    5,179 Messages
    4,480 Likes Received
    I dont know about this....he's a fierce competitor who wants to win. I think he'll regret it all with no ring.

    That being said, I completely think he is bought in and invested and thinks every year this team can win.
  20. Bungarian

    Bungarian Butt Monkey

    3,140 Messages
    1,271 Likes Received
    If Romo had been traded to New Orleans when they tried to get him he would have a ring.

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