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    IRVING, Texas – Jeff Triplette will be the referee in the Dallas Cowboys’ game Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. The last time the Cowboys saw Triplette came in Week 13 last year when they beat the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-33. The Eagles were penalized once for 5 yards. The Cowboys had seven penalties for 60 yards. Philadelphia’s only penalty was for being offside on a kickoff. Triplette’s crew is coming off a bye week.

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    get ready for ticky tack holding calls and PIs on us only
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    Probably will not be too bad, the league has no vested interest in Minnesota doing well, no home team to placate and no star players to coddle.
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    that seals it, we set the league record for penalties in a single game.
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    Triplette is by far the worst of the bunch and I have said this for years on end. He's the guy that lobbed a flag into the face of Orlando Brown. He's also the ref that was on hand when that wacky fumble ruling occurred against Green Bay involving Felix Jones.

    This guy almost can't even explain what is happening half the time.

    It wouldn't shock me if a major call happens in this game. Not because of any sort of bias but because this guy is like the plague of bad calls. Where ever he goes, odd rulings and horrid calls follow.

    I'm shocked he's paid to do that job. Whenever he announces a ruling I can't help but think that somehow a replacement ref snuck through the cracks and made it onto the field.

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