ESPN: Offseason financial health-Cowboys greatest dead and least committed money to date

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Jun 12, 2014.

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    How much money does ESPN have, and they couldn't pay a programmer to make the table sortable?
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    Austin, Free and Orton.

    Free had fake years added to the end of his contract which results in dead-money even if he plays out his contract.

    Orton is the same as Free; although, there is a small chance that they get money back if he retires. It appears that he will force them to cut him. What can they do if he comes to the mandatory practices and just throws the ball into the ground on each snaps?

    If they cut Orton and don't re-sign Free, the total is about 11.3M. That's still better than 23M in 2014 and 30M in 2013.
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    You mean like the Patriots do?
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    On Orton. Assuming he doesn't report, I think they just put him on a suspended/did not report list and fine him. I don't think they have to cut him. Rat muddied the waters a little bit since he was supposedly injured.
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    Agree. The problem is if he reports. What do they do then? They don't need another malcontent on the team.
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    They should just cut him if he skips the mandatory OTAs. Forgo recovering the signing bonus and save the 3.25m in salary and against the cap this year. Take the 2.2m dead money hit in 2015 and move on. They basically got Weeden for free.

    As I understand it, there is a question about how much of the 5m bonus is recoverable anyways, since they may have added the voidable years after he restructured in 2013. Then they would have to wait until 2015 to get the money and cap space back anyways. The money he has been paid is not outrageous for 2 years of a top backup QB.
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    This is a good point. You actually don't want to have a ton of space. It means you aren't maximizing your resources.
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    They cut him, or he retires at this point.
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    least committed money in large part because Dallas got pretty young as a team pretty quickly. Many of the young players are still on rookie contracts, no doubt Dez will increase that amount but Dallas avg age dropped significantly

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