News: ESPN: Old School 101: Nate Newton on OL

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    Old School 101: Nate Newton on OL
    July, 22, 2011
    By Calvin Watkins

    Newton, who does a daily show on 103.3 FM, played for the Cowboys from 1986-98. He was a six-time Pro Bowler and a two-time All Pro.

    Newton made 180 starts in his NFL career overall. In five of his last six years with the Cowboys, he started every game at left guard.

    Here's our chat with Newton about the Cowboys offensive line:

    Q: Doug Free is somebody the Cowboys need to keep, right?

    A: They should have placed the franchise tag on him before the lockout. You might have saved yourself some money now if you signed him to a $10 million deal. Now he's about to get on the open market and every NFL team gets to talk with him. He's not a superstar, but every team wants a consistent left tackle and that's what he was last year and he's only getting better...
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    I think that view point on Leonard Davis over-rates him. Davis is 33 years old and makes huge money and he has been in decline since Dec. 2008. Davis' play deteriorated significantly last year from 2009. The 2007 and 2008 Leonard Davis isn't coming back, imso. Davis' weaknesses will only get worse and worse from here on out. Davis was a good player for a while, but hoping for those days to come back is wishful thinking. It's time to sign a player like Daryn Colledge, Chris Chester, or Leroy Harris to replace him. Davis' is simply too big and slow and has no pop. It's time to move on now before you get yourself in another Marc Colombo situation.
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    Davis' improvement under Garrett was very marginal, and Davis is no where near the run blocker that he was in 2008. According to Dallas, the Cowboys rushed for a pathetic 2.03 YPC behind RG last year. That was good for second worst in the entire NFL. In 2009, that YPC number behind Davis was 3.32. However, look at the 2008 YPC behind RG (5.86).

    This statistic shows how Davis' play has deteriorated in the running game.

    2008: 5.86 YPC

    2009: 3.32 YPC

    2010: 2.03 YPC

    Running behind Davis is hurting the Cowboys running game, and that number isn't going to just magically get better with a 33 year old player, who was a good player, not Larry Allen or Nate Newton.
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    According to data gathered on Stats LLC, Felix Jones had 25 runs greater than 10 yards (2010). That put Felix in the top 20 in the NFL, but look at Felix Jones' efficiency in this category.

    According to my math (using Stats LLC data), these are the top 10 running backs in rushes greater than 10 yards/carry. (Top 20 running backs in the category considered; Stats LLC).

    1. Jamaal Charles (45/230=0.195)

    2. LeGarrette Blount (32/201=0.159)

    3. Ryan Torain (26/164=0.158)

    4. Felix Jones (25/185=0.135)

    4. LeSean McCoy (28/207=0.135)

    5 Arian Foster (42/327=0.128)

    6. Adrian Peterson (36/283=0.127)

    7. Darren McFadden (28/223=0.125)

    8. Ahmad Bradshaw (34/276=0.123)

    9. Matt Forte (29/237=0.122)

    10. Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis (28/229=0.122)


    Note how Felix Jones rates ahead of Ahmad Bradshaw and is tied for fourth place with LeSean McCoy (in the top 10 above).
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    Acording to, the right side of the Cowboys offensive line was ranked 27th in 10+ yard runs despite Felix Jones ranking fourth in runs greater than 10 yards/rush, according to Stats LLC. The right side of Dallas' offensive line was ranked 25th in power runs to the right side, too. Marc Colombo wasn't the only huge liability on the right side who needs to be replaced right now. Leonard Davis is the other culprit.

    Upgrading Dallas' entire right side, including Davis, will take pressure off the left side and allow them to be more effective. Furthermore, the Cowboys can become more balanced in their rush distribution, from left to right. The Cowboys were a left handed team when trying to rush to the outside last year, and Davis and Colombo were the reasons for the big discrepancy.

    The Cowboys ranked 4th in greater than 10 yard runs up the middle, and that is where Andre Gurode lives.

    I know Leonard Davis played at Texas, but that is no excuse for giving him a fee pass. Davis is actually a player who needs to be replaced badly, but he gets a free pass.

    At a minimum, Davis needs serious competition to keep his job.
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    Instead of saying that the Media's Choice needs an opportunity to compete for the featured running back role, how about telling the real story about one Leonard Davis, a Texas Longhorns player. Giving Davis an ultimate free pass for his significantly deteriorated play, especially in the run blocking department, is very suspect.

    Davis' very roster spot is probably in serious jeopardy, never mind any real competition for his job.

    By the way, I'm sure Felix Jones is looking forward to any and all competition. The Media's Choice lives despite the emphatic, decisive evidence on the football field, in favor of Felix Jones.

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    I'm fairly certain that Davis has not received a pass for his play. Lets just bottom line this thing. Unless the cap situation greatly improves, we probably can't cut Davis. We have him for another year but, improved play from the RT will absolutely help Davis. I doubt we can sign a top notch Guard so we either have somebody on the team who can step up or we bring in somebody who is probably not going to be a great upgrade. I think we should all be pulling for Davis because there is a real good chance that he is probably what we have at RG. Makes no sense to not pull for him to have a much improved season.
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    Let's not forget as well that Davis had to play beside a hobbled Colombo for most of the year. I'm sure that effected his play as well. Not saying it's all Colombo's fault but there's no doubt in my mind that Davis was effected to some degree.

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