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    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (3:56 PM ET ) Good afternoon, friends. Let's chat some NFL.

    ziggy (Canaan, CT): I've heard rumors that the Pats want to move up. Do you think they would try to move up to #2 or #3 to get Calvin Johnson. They have 2 1st round picks and he would look great catching passes from brady. I know they would have to give up alot, but he is a Owens/Moss type WR without the attitude.

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:00 PM ET ) I can see some team moving up to get Johnson, who I believe is the best player available in the draft, and I can see the Pats being creative in the draft with two first-round picks at their disposal, but I don't see New England moving up to get Johnson after all the free agent pass catchers they have recently signed, most notably Donte Stallworth, who could be a great downfield threat for Tom Brady if he stays healthy and has the right attitude, which I think he will have working with Brady and Bill Bellichick.

    Ryan (Denver): Dan, what are your thoughts on Stokely signing with Denver? Is there any chance we could land Carriker in the draft?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:02 PM ET ) Stokley was really banged up in Indy this past season, Ryan, and I think the verdict will be out as to whether or not he can say healthy in Denver. He says he's feeling a lot better, but I'll believe it when I see it. As for Carriker, I think the Broncos could have a shot at him, and I think he would be a great fit.

    Josh (Little Rock, AR): Dan, why are there all the rumors on Moss being traded to GB if Thompson and the Packers brass hasn't talked to the Raiders about a trade?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:07 PM ET ) Certainly Moss figures to be more expendable if the Raiders decide to go after Calvin Johnson after all is said and done. And contrary to what Thompson said recently, we keep hearing that Brett Favre really has been pushing hard for the Packers to go after Moss. Quite frankly, I think going after Moss is a mistake. I always thought he would have a problem in Oakland, and I just think that, like Terrell Owens, he ultimately ends up doing more harm than good wherever he is.

    Chris (Macedonia, OH): Are the Browns going to anything about their QB situation? I'm not sure Cleveland (or Romeo Crennel) can handle another Charlie Frye/Derek Anderson 4 win fiasco like last year.

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:12 PM ET ) I'm going to share a little vision with you, Chris, that sticks in my mind at the recent Combine in Indy. It was when Brady Quinn was addressing the national media. Standing right next to me was Phil Savage, staring intently at Quinn as if he was a national treasure. Savage has worked with Jamarcus Russell for years, but I think he has become just as enamored with Quinn, despite the supposed dropoff in Quinn's stock in recent times. Peterson wouldn't be a bad option, though.

    Warren (Omaha): Dan, anything new on the Trent Green situation? What do you think the Chiefs would get for him and who is interested?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:14 PM ET ) I believe the Dolphins are pretty interested in Green, whose trade value unfortunately seems to have plummeted. the Chiefs did the right thing re-signing Huard. I think Green's days are numbered in K.C., and that he could be released if he isn't traded.

    Mike, LA: Dan, do you think A. Smith is the franchise QB? If not, should they look to draft someone in later rounds, like the guy from Boise State as insurance? Thanks.

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:18 PM ET ) Mike, I believe that entering his third year, it's put-up-or-else time for Smith, whose development wasn't helped any by the departure of Norv Turner to San Diego. The Niners did the right thing promoting Jim Hostler to replace Turner, whose system they intend to keep firmly intact. What Smith needs as much as anything is for TE Vernon Davis to stay healthy and productive and for Ashley Lelie regain the form he flashed a few years ago in Denver. The No. 1 receiver position has been a big problem ever since T.O. left.

    CT, NYC: Dan, how bout a 'Skins question? All things remaining the same (which they never do), at this point, who do you see the 'Skins taking with the #6 pick? Do you see us trading down? Will a potential trade of Archuleta to the Bears have any impact on our draft?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:22 PM ET ) The Skins could use a well-rounded defensive end that could start right away, and if they stay put, Clemson DE Gaines Adams should be there for the taking. As for a trade regarding ARchuleta, I don't see him bringing much at all in exchange, considering how much he has slipped as a productive player.

    Adam (Detroit): Is it possible that the Lions could take a reciever 4 out of 5 years in the first round? If so, do you think we could finaly get rid of Matt Millen?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:24 PM ET ) Adam, I've already mentioned in this chat what I think about Calvin Johnson, and I've been wondering for a while now about whether Millen would have enough cajones to consider going high after another pass catcher. In Johnson's case, I definitely think he would be worth taking. Do you think Mike Martz might enjoy working with a big,fast, amazingly athletic receiver like Johnson? I really think he is a one-of-a-kind talent.

    Cincinnati, Ohio: Who do you see the Begals taking?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:27 PM ET ) Even though as is almost always the case the Bengals have their share of defensive needs, we think they might opt for the best tight end available in the draft in Miami'sGreg Olsen at the No. 18 spot and fill a pretty serious offensive need.

    Mark (New Jersey): Is there any sense in what the Giants are doing in the offseason. They have lost a lot of people and haven't replaced anyone.

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:32 PM ET ) You mean you're not sold on Reuben Droughns, Mark? The one thing I'll say in the Giants' defense, and a lot of other teams for that matter, is that considering how shallow the free agent talent really is, not over-reacting might be a smart way to go. But I agree with you. It sure would help if Shockey and Plaxico would get with the offseason conditioning program right from the get-go. There was way too much extra baggage last year.

    Mike (Washington): Dan, Is Seattle still the best team (for you) to win the NFC West?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:37 PM ET ) Mike, yesterday PFW's editors had to make complete division-by-division picks for our upcoming 2007 Preview mag, and I really had a hard time with the NFC West. Seattle was such a strange team last season. They really had to put up with a lot of key injuries, but I think all the other teams in the division are closing the gap. After a lot of pondering, I decided to pick the Cardinals over the Seahawks. I have really been impressed with the new coach Ken Whisenhunt, and I just have a gut feeling that they will be the kind of intriguing dark horse everybody thought they would be last season. Arizona's defense has to really improve, though. And I still think Seattle could make the playoffs. the NFC West is finally getting better.

    rob bear nation: time for the daily bears questions? has anything new developed on the briggs front? i heard the eagles for max gene giles and there 1st rounder? and will the bears trade for adam archuletta or will the skins release him before his bonus is due tomorrow

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:40 PM ET ) Briggs just keeps going out of hiw way to try and burn bridges, but I don't see the Bears budging in their stance, and I don't see them being able to trade him because the rest of the league I have to think is getting increasingly leery of the way Briggs is presenting himself at the moment. I also see the Skins releasing Archuleta with the Bears possibly considering him at that point.

    Ian (Boston, MA): The Rams recently signed Chris Draft, what kind of role do you expect him to have? Will he beat out Chillar as the starting SLB? Also, who do you have the Rams drafting?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:43 PM ET ) Draft is an interesting player, Ian. At the very least, he provides solid backup help at all three LB spots, and yes, he will get a shot at beating out Chillar, who was a lot better last season but still has a few holes in his game. The one thing about Draft is that he is not a big guy, and the Rams could really use some more size at linebacker. As for the draft, how does Florida DE Jarvis Moss grab you? Along with newly acquired james Hall, he could be just what the doctor ordered opposite Leonard Little up front.

    John (Nashville): What are the Titans up to? Does anyone know?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:46 PM ET ) I really feel for Jeff Fisher, John. The team has lost a lot of firepower, and Pacman has turned into a real problem. Nick Harper is a decent pickup, but the way this offseason has gone, I see them slipping underneath Houston in the AFC South. Vince Young needs help!!!!

    Daniel (Ausitn): Who do you think will be the Cowboy's first round pick?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:49 PM ET ) If they stay put at 22, I think they will go after either Auburn OG Ben Grubbs or Tennessee OG-OT aaron Sears to fortify the offensive line in front of Tony Romo.

    Lewis, Philadelphia: Your thoughts on Joey Porter's violent attack on Levi Jones...and any chance the Bengals get a defesive player like that in this draft?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:51 PM ET ) You hae to wonder about Porter, Lewis. There are a lot of my cohorts who believe he's washed up, but he's one nasty dude. It's interesting that Miami will be playing both Pittsburgh and cincy this season.

    Katelyn (Syracuse, NY): Any chance the Bills get Adrian Peterson? If not who do they look to draft at 12 (Lynch, Ellis, Okoye, Hall...)?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:54 PM ET ) I don't see Peterson lasting through the top five, Katelyn. They probably will seriously consider Lynch considering their RB situation at the moment, but we've been hearing they are rally high on Michigan CB Leon Hall and can obviously use some help in the secondary with Nate Clements leaving for much greener pastures.

    James (Indianola, IA): What are the Vikings doing this offseason? No help at Reciever or Defensive End? Will Childress be gone after this season?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:57 PM ET ) The Vikings haven't done squat. I'm not sure what's going on there. Right now I see them giving the Lions a real good money for the NFC North cellar. Two more questions, firends.


    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (4:58 PM ET ) Young badly needs some firepower, and Tennessee's Robert Meachem could be a nice local draw with some badly needed jets outside.

    Maurisse (NYC,NY): How about them Jets Dan? Any chance for a draft day trade to target Anderson or Okoye? What do you project for them?

    [​IMG] Dan Arkush: (5:01 PM ET ) Adam Carriker would be a steal if he's still available to them at No. 25. So would the Miami tight end Olsen. Thanks, guys. It's been fun as usual.
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    wouldnt really surprise me.. after signing leonard davis to 7 years 49 million jones might want cheap young players on the offensive line signed to 2 million a year deals for 5 years
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    He must be stuck in time somewhere BEFORE the start of Free Agency.
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    1st round picks ARE NOT used to draft backup players..........
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    I think they're stuck somewhere BEFORE the 2006 season, because his buddy Newhouse suggested that we draft a QB in round 1 yesterday.
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    Duh, that's what 2nd round picks are for. :cool:
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    Where we're picking, they pretty much are. Unless you're looking for a position of little value, like RB, G, C, FS, possibly LB.

    Most of the teams down here are already talented. They just need depth and guys to replace their aging players. We nearly fall into that category, and shouldn't be reaching at positions of supposed need when better prospects are on the board, just because those better prospects wouldn't start from day one.
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    it wouldnt be a backup player it would be our 6th lineman who could replace either Kosier or Adams when hes gotten some experience under his belt

    edit: also almost every mock ive seen has us either drafting a CB or WR.. so you think the WR will start over Owens and Glenn or you think the CB will start over Henry and Newman?
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    So you're ok with us picking a OG or OT to be a backup to a guy with a 7 year deal over drafting a CB to replace Aaron Glenn or Anthony Henry in 2008?

    What team has ever drafted a GUARD in the first round with no plans of him being a starter?
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    If you'll direct me to the part of my post where I said THAT, then I will gladly adress it.

    Short of that...wouldn't drafting a CB to replace Aaron Glenn or Anthony Henry in 2008 be "drafting a backup? :confused:
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    these espn guys are getting dumber and dumber everyday
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    Hellllll no!

    It's going to be either a LB, S/CB, or WR...they will leave the middle rounds to improve the depth of the o-line.

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    I don't see that at all. Why would we draft a Guard, who may not even be the top Guard prospect in this draft at 22 or a OT that will probably end up playing Guard and again, is not even rated as a 1st round pick at 22? Seriously, I think these guys just throw crap out there in the hopes that nobody will know the difference.
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    I took his post to indicate that he's looking to draft a lineman in the 1st round to be a backup to Leonard Davis or the other olinemen we already have. My expectations are that the linemen we have will be our oline for several years to come. CB and WR are spots on this team where we are VERY OLD and will need replacements in 1 year or 2 years max.

    Why draft a guard or tackle in the 1st this season when we're still pretty young there when we'll need a good young CB and WR in the next year or so.

    Its not drafting a "backup" if you have every expectation that he IS going to be a starter his sophomore season.
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    Don't buy the idea we'll take an OL in the first round. My money is on either a CB (Revis), WR (Bowie, Jarret, Meacham) or ILB (Patrick Wills)
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    NOBODY IS!!!! this is the dumbest senario for dallas in the draft!
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    But they are still "backups". Maybe not forever.

    I just took your post to mean what it actually said - you went on some tirade about me wanting to draft offensive linemen, which I clearly never said. Where we are in the draft, we can only really restock our team, and prepare for the exodus of our aging players. I think that's what #22 will be used for this year, either at WR or CB.

    I wouldn't hate a guy to play LT, but I think our team is fine there for now. McQuistan is a very intriguing prospect.
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    Oh absolutely.

    After all, what DB would want to tackle this guy?

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    what player do you think we will draft at 22 who will start? i think you can get a good guard in the late 2nd or early 3rd. no reason to use a 1st rnd pick. i think either wr or cb at 22 and i prefer cb
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    Nelson, Lynch, Merriweather or Willis would all start from day 1.

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