ESPN PFW Dan Arkush Chat Wrap...'boys pick OL at #22

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 20, 2007.

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    I didn't mean for it come across as a tirade. I just don't like the idea of using our 1st round pick on an OLinemen when we have a CRAP load of money tied up in our oline and we will need to reload sooner at other positions.

    Looks like we agree though... I'd much rather us draft a CB or WR with our 1st this season than a lineman.
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    Would not be a totally stupid idea.
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    Kinda like how we have a crap load of money tied up in the secondary?

    It is incredibly unlikely that we find an immediate starter in the first or any round, though not impossible. I'd be thrilled to take a lineman in the first who can develop into a full time starter down the road.

    I'd be just as happy to take a WR, who likely isn't going to start if we take him. Even if we take a CB, there is no guarantee he will start. The idea of a rookie CB on this team while trying to make a superbowl run terrifies me.

    The best thing about our team right now is that we have the luxury of drafting quality players, even if they don't start immediately.
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    Staley has been taking a few dings lately, concerning his overall conditioning. This would have an effect on his coming into roster consideration with a new club.

    Close to the middle of the draft, I would still think that Dallas would be looking for a true difference maker, even if he was limited somewhat in his first year or two of play...also, since Dallas won't have access to the two stud offensive tackles, and probably wouldn't bet the farm on a center, after resigning Gurode...I don't see any offensive lineman, that would project just coming in and pushing Kosier out of the starting job at left guard.

    That stated, both Ben Grubbs and Justin Blalock would elevate the Dallas line to road graders, and both have pass blocking skills. They both would make very interesting additions, and in my opinion, upgrades for a power rushing game, which would bring Julius Jones back to the negotiation table once again....Grubbs has practiced at center, and could double as the backup at center. While Kozier, if he lost out in camp, would be the primary backup...

    If I was going to take an offensive guard, first, my decision would be on who would first step up and be reliable through a season's play. If not, then I would trade down, to approach this positional group...which would include Blalock and Aaron Sears....

    Denver was very wise, in adding Blye to Bailey, and acquire two very tight man on man cornerbacks...Dallas couldn't go wrong in attempting to match that quality a pair in their secondary. A group of cornerbacks that included:

    Terrence Newman, Anthony Henry, Aaron Glenn, Darelle Revis/Aaron Ross, Nathan Jones, and Jacques Reeves....

    would be a top notched group. If the Cowboys go ahead and sign Ken Hamlin, the safeties would look very solid in addition...Patrick Watkins and Ken Hamlin should be able to excell and improve at free safety, while Roy Williams and Keith Davis would man the strong safety position...with some possible outside help by Abram Elam. Now, I can live with that group of safeties. I even like the idea of Roy Williams and Ken Hamlin turning the secondary into a 'house of pain'.....also, in packages, both Jones and Reeves play some of the safety responsibilities. The secondary would become a major asset to the defensive picture....

    My real question mark in the first round, would then revolve around a true 'difference' maker that could be added to the linebacker group in the first round. If a Moss or Willis was within reach of the Cowboy's first round selection, I would make the move and pull the trigger. To add real speed and playmaking to the interior linebacker group, would be a major well would outside pass rushing pressure, to compliment DeMarcus Ware's influence on the outside....other wise, I would solve the long term considerations of the secondary, and take a direction now, while prices are a lot cheaper....than a Blye/Bailey type of costly solutions by a Denver....
    and then allow Todd Boyles, Brian Stewart, and Wade Phillips bring them up to speed!
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    Uh...Joe Staley has been moving up boards because of his excellent pro day.
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    Funny, that wasn't the push on NFL Football just a little while ago...?

    Just relaying what I heard a little while ago, as adjustments start to settle in on general pushes and evaluation deliniations for specific players. The results of Pro Day's throughout the country start to influence directions of specific players...just stating what could be an influencing perception as to base of talent....:banghead:
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    I doubt we draft an OL in round one too, but the odds are much better of that than drafting an ILB

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    Nelson would...the other 3 wouldnt

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    Who would most people pick to play for them.... Watkins or one of the top safeties, esp Nelson? I'll give you Meriweather to get the character issue out of the way. But Nelson should have a much higher ceiling than Watkins.

    Having said that I don't know who will end up with the best career between Watkins and Nelson.
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    While I believe the team is talented it is absurd to think you cannot find a potental starter with the 1st day picks. If JJ isn't might as well do what he did at the end of 90's draft mediocre players and build thru FA. I expect every 1st pick to be a starter in 3 years the 2nd day is the day where you draft projects and for depth.
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