News: ESPN: Players believe in Monte Kiffin

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    CHICAGO -- After such a poor effort by the Cowboys' defense in the 45-28 loss to the Chicago Bears Monday night, several players were asked about the belief in coordinator Monte Kiffin's scheme. "Why you would ask that question?" defensive tackle Jason Hatcher said. "You answer that." The Cowboys allowed the Bears to score on eight consecutive possessions, and though the run defense did OK at times, Matt Forte rushed for 102 yards on 20 carries.

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    Wow. Into week 13 and they still think we're buying the 'execution' schtick.

    Pah-lease. This team was playing to get the hell out of there. Win or lose.
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    That's not how it looked to me. It looked to me like it's into week 13, and we still can't cover downfield against a talented passing offense with zero pressure. And like we were sitting in zones and getting exploited as a result when the pressure didn't get there. When your nickel CB is blowing coverages in the end zone, and your star pass rusher can't beat a single team from a middling player with any effectiveness, and you lose the heart of your LB corps with his backup at Mike inactive, and you drop or get reversed three turnovers, this is what you get.

    It's execution, not effort. Not that that helps any. People want it to be the team giving up because they want to clean house in the off-season, and that's seen as the next step towards that end, but the reality is, we just can't stop an effective passing offense, and we'll continue to get beat when we play them until we make some significant changes to both the coverages and the personell.
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    Players always say crap like that. Till the next guy comes along.
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    This team played to go home, IMO. If that isn't giving up color me confused.

    I don't want to clean house, mi amigo.

    I want to clean management.

    Management that trickles down mediocrity and accepts "Uh, we didn't execute". Again? I'm not buying it. How many times can they say that? If it truly is execution, game after game, then they have some serious athletic issues at every position including the staff that's coaching them.

    Tout it all you want, athletes. Blaming execution when you should be pushing for the playoffs and perfecting your position is for beginners. Not the winners. Must be why they're 8-8 consistently.

    Execution is training camp. Execution is practice. Execution happens when you know what the hell you're doing. Execution is subconcious this time of the year, IMO.

    I don't expect it to be perfect every game on everyone's behalf but these Dallas Cowboys hang their hat on it way too consistently for me to believe it.

    Why waste time with a game plan when the execution isn't there? Wouldn't that be the foundation OF the game plan? If it truly rears it's ugly head as often as they claim I would think someone would tire of it and get in someone's face...............doesn't happen.

    Nice try team. Again, I ain't buying it.

    They can't claim execution after every loss. It's self incriminating.

    Just my two cents...........
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    Well, we can agree to disagree (happily). I defend this team against a lot of what I think is unfair criticism, but these same lapses in the pass defense have bitten us each of the last three seasons. It's not anything new. I can buy that it's either a personnel problem or an execution problem. Ie, the personnel we have aren't capable of executing at a high enough level. It has been S and our backup LBs in coverage. This season, the problems extend to to the DL also being unable to get pressure, and that we're not comfortable with our CB4 in man coverage.

    At some point, the demoralizing losses will cause the defensive players to lose faith in the scheme. I didn't see it in CHI, but it will happen eventually. You can't keep taking on broadside hits like CHI and NO and keep things going in the right direction. But for now, it's easy enough to look at the coverage and realize we're inadequate. The simplest explanation is usually the best.
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    Bruce Carter is jogging around trying not to have to make a hit.

    Must be part of the process.


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    Respect your elders.
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    Kiffin's defense reminds me when I was young and me and my buddies played touch football in the church parking lot....there was no pass rush on me as the QB (literally) and I could sit back there and wait for someone to get beat and throw the ball there...I completed over 90% of my passes (who wouldn't)....that is what we see pass rush, a lot of success by the opposing QB...
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    Any players who still believe in Kiffin better prepare for shock this off season. I expect big changes.
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