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Audio: ESPN: Postgame audio: Cowboys-Giants

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 14, 2010.

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    Jason Garrett
    In his first postgame conference, interim Cowboys coach Jason Garrett discusses the importance of staying 'great' and tackling adversity.

    Audio: http://c.espnradio.com/audio/459291/459291_2010-11-14-210131.96.mp3

    Jon Kitna
    Quarterback Jon Kitna says the bad breaks that have plagued the Cowboys all season were absent in the upset win over the Giants.

    Audio: http://c.espnradio.com/audio/459295/459295_2010-11-14-212035.96.mp3

    Jerry Jones
    Owner/GM Jerry Jones expresses relief for the Cowboys fans following Jason Garrett's win in his first game as interim coach.

    Audio: http://c.espnradio.com/audio/459297/459297_2010-11-14-212137.96.mp3

    Dez Bryant
    Rookie receiver Dez Bryant discusses the Cowboys' determination in the locker room following the victory over the Giants.

    Audio: http://c.espnradio.com/audio/459299/459299_2010-11-14-212239.96.mp3

    Bryan McCann
    Cowboys CB Bryan McCann discusses the team's discipline, his journey since the start of the season and his 101-yard interception return for a score.

    Audio: http://c.espnradio.com/audio/459301/459301_2010-11-14-212301.96.mp3

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