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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jksmith269, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. jksmith269

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    Will enter the 06 NFL Draft.... I was hoping he'd stay in school oh well. I'm going on a limb here and predicting he will be a bust.
  2. dal0789

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    Bush a bust?? yea right
  3. StanleySpadowski

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    I don't see Bush having a huge amount of success in the NFL. I think he'll end up as a good player but never a great.

    The comparisions to Barry Sanders are ridiculous. He's never shown Sanders type moves. I have seen some Gale Sayers talk and that does seem comparable but remember when Sayers played he was demonstrably faster than any defender. Bush won't be.

    The lack of defenses he's played against the last two years will show when he can't run away from people on the next level.
  4. Cajuncowboy

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    Hey the more that comes out the better. It pushes more talent down to us. Since we will not have a top 10 pick, and we need some upgrades, this is good.

    I still want D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Don't think he will be around for us but would be worth trading up for.
  5. jksmith269

    jksmith269 Proud Navy Veteran 1990-1995

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    He's going to wind up on a team like the Texans who has no O-Line and he will not be effective. Or he will go to a team like the 49'ers who again has no O-Line and again won't be effective. His best bet would be hope he can land in NY with the Jets other than that I think he will have a rude awakening in the NFL.
  6. Hiero

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    I think you are crazy, but hey just your opinion. Bush goes to the 49ers and is a huge success imo.
  7. ghst187

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    I think you all are crazy saying that Bush won't do well in the NFL. There are plenty of guys that DON'T dominate in college that do well in the pros, like MBII.
    Yet Bush is on another planetary level from his peers. Sure, he won't flat out run away from people like he can in college and he won't have as many cut-back lanes but man, the way he can change directions (either by stopping on a dime and getting back to 100% sprint in a flash or just fluidly changing directions without loss of step) will set him apart once again. I've mentioned Barry Sanders merely out of the sheer domination Barry showed over collegiate competition. I think that in reference to utter domination and offensive impact, I think the comparison is pretty well founded.
    I think Bush actually runs more like Michael Vick style-wise. Bush will need to get the ball in the flats, on reverses, pitches, and passes but he will still be a threat to score all the time.
  8. jbsg02

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    Keep dreamin. We'd have to trade up like 22 spots in the first round, not gonna happen.
  9. ManofSteel2331

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    i dont see anyway bush wont succeed in the nfl
    hes going to be nothing but electric..everytime he has the ball..he could score

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