News: ESPN: Rod Marinelli plans more man coverage

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    IRVING, Texas -- When the Dallas Cowboys made the move to the Tampa 2 scheme last year under Monte Kiffin, many people wondered how cornerbacks Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick would fit. The trio is viewed as better man-to-man corners than zone. For a ton of reasons, the Cowboys defense was bad in 2013. Historically bad. The secondary was not up to snuff and the Cowboys could not affect the quarterback enough. Out is Monte Kiffin as coordinator.

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    A scheme to fit your talent:confused:...Rod is playing with fire.
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    THANK GOD!!! For all the crap the D took from fans and the media people seem to forget that when they went man coverage they looked better as a whole. Claiborne looked like a solid corner and Carr was blanketing his receiver, Rod just did what has become the norm for this team and that's stop doing what works and go to what won't. I still get pissed at the KC game where Dez had over 100yds in the 1st half and then they went completely away from him.
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    I'm still pissed about the offense in the KC game.

    Switching tracks mid trip?
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    So it's the same system only different. Got it.
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    So more 8-8 just with a different schedule!!!!!!!!!1!!11!
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    I hadnt had a chance to listen to Marinelli's interview, but is it me or is hinting on Dallas playing man defense? He talks about the system but then he finishes off by saying Carr, Mo and Scan ability to play good man defense will allow them to bring more people on the rush. Or buy more time for the rush. That was interesting to me that he focused alot of talking about the ability to play man. And if he will alow them to play man i love the fact that he would be willing to adapt his scheme to the strengths of his players instead of making his players adjust to the scheme like Kiffin did stubbornly last yr.

    Also talks about Carter, and shielding him from blocks with the 3tech. He says that is what Brooks did with Sapp and that was a big part of Brooks success. Makes you wonder what the hell Kiffin was trying to do last yr. Carter could be playing on the strong side at times but he will be still have the same assignments of the WILL nomatter. Him seeing the same allignments and assignments every play will only make him better. This explains why the guys from TC were talking about Carter playing the SAM.

    Listening to him speak, you can understand why players love playing for him.
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    I think you really want a mix of both zone and man dependent on the situation, down, opposing offense tendencies and how far from the 1st down/endzone. Having said that, if you play zone, the Dl absolutely cannot give the QB time in the pocket. The zone is very dependent on pressure; without pressure, zone seriously works against your defense, in terms of coverage - most QB's can pick apart the holes in zone given enough time. You also want a player like Lee who can recognize, based on film study, what the offense is trying to do and call out adjustment accordingly. Without Lee, I'm not sure who that guy is - maybe Church, hopefully Durant.

    Man has it's drawbacks, as well, and clearly you can't give the QB all day with that either, but if your corners are better in man then you can assume that defensive line pressure is not as critical as it is when playing zone. Personally, I like the 1-deep look, if you trust your corners and use the FS or SS either to blitz or play underneath zone to shutoff key passing lanes alternatating man with the Lbers on opposing TE/RB, once again dependent on the aforementioned variables - situation, down, opposition tendencies, and distance from 1st/paydirt.
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    Marinelli did say basically that no matter what the front is, the Will follows the 3 tech. The whole point is to make the keys the same so that they don't have to worry about which gap they need to cover every down.

    I get what Marinelli is doing, but these guys have a long ways to go and having to simplify the scheme isn't comforting at this point.
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    I thought there was already a thread about this?
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    Is he simplifying it? Or describing it? I thought the latter.
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    It is, but then again it isn't.
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    Listen, i get all the marinelli love. .. But this guy was on the staff last year.. . As a right habd man to kiffin... Didnt he think of suggesting these moves last year? Give me break on all this new innovative ideas. ..
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    Yep. There were reasons we didn't do more of it last year. It isn't new.
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    He doesnt have a choice.
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    Why not?
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    If you are trying to adjust your scheme so that your players have the same keys no matter what the offense presents you with....yup I'd call that simplifying.
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    Because the corners he has to work with are far better at man than zone. If he wants to keep his job he needs to avoid "square peg into round hole" syndrome.
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    Actually it wasnt. He was asked specifically about Carter and wasnt he doing this last yr and Marinelli said only when it was called. This is where Marinelli and Kiffin are different. Marinelli wants to play to the players strengths while Kiffin was trying to get the players to fit his style. Two different types of philosophies.
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    We sign a guy then trade up for a guy who both play man coverage. LETS PLAY TAMPA 2. Hopefully this comes to fruition with marinelli and we play more man.
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