ESPN: Rookie report: Gavin Escobar

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Generally 1st and 2nd round picks are expected to contribute right away, I'm not saying they should be playing like pro-bowlers, but should be playing meaningful snaps. If the player or coaching staff is not able to get them meaningful minutes, outside of injury of course, that player wasn't ready and was not worthy of being picked so high in the first place.

    This team had several other glaring needs that should have been addressed before picking yet again another TE. To make it worse, this staff is just not aware of their own limitations. The coaching staff has tried in vain to make the 12 package successful and they have had Fausano, Bennett, Phillips, Hanna and now Escobar. Sometimes it's not the players, it's the coaches that are not capable. I just don't buy into that Escobar may be worth the pick one day when the coaching staff's track record clearly shows that they cannot make the 12 work.

    Sure Witten will retire eventually and maybe Escobar was picked to replace him, but that doesn't help today. We needed a G, S, DL today Those positions needed to be addressed today, because I can almost guarantee that there will be another TE next year or the following year that we would be able to draft that is every bit as talented as Escobar, probably more so.
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    welcome to the light my friend. darkness is what you see when you stick your head in the sand.
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    Why did they bother writing a rookie report on him...rubbing salt in the wound
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    Wonder if that rib injury has caused more problems than we are aware of ?
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    I had actually forgot about it. Good point. My guess would be a rein jury to some cracked ribs if anything but we are speculating. Still a good point.
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    Because I saw a few plays in one quarter of a bad game doesn't equate a problem. But if I ever get the chance I'll go back and TRY to look at the rest of he game FWIW. All it did was make me say to myself, "Self that is interesting". :)
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    Something is off , as his accuracy is usually a lot better than the last few games.
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    For the 3rd time, he wasn't drafted to block. So what is the point of bashing him for that?
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    I don't think anybody is really bashing Escobar. I think they are bashing the "powers that be" for either wasting a high draft pick, or not being able to figure out how to use a player worthy of being drafted with a high draft pick. And, here is the simple truth of it all: Both Fasano and Bennett are good players, but neither worthy of a second round pick. It doesn't help much that the probable Hall of Famer Witten was drafted in the third round. So, the natural response is "here we go again."

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