ESPN: Rookie Watch - Russell Wilson now leading the way

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Risen Star, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Click the link for the article and player commentary.

    1. Russell Wilson QB Seahawks
    2. Andrew Luck QB Colts
    3. Robert Griffin III QB Redskins
    4. Alfred Morris RB Redskins
    5. Kevin Zeitler G Bengals
    6. Casey Hayward CB Packers
    7. Matt Kalil T Vikings
    8. Doug Martin RB Buccaneers
    9. Luke Kuechly ILB Panthers
    10. Bobby Wagner ILB Seahawks

    Other notables: Vick Ballard RB Colts, Michael Brockers DT Rams, Lavonte David OLB Buccaneers, Chris Givens WR Rams, Cordy Glenn T Bills, Josh Gordon WR Browns, T.Y. Hilton WR Colts, Bruce Irvin DE Seahawks, Chandler Jones DE Patriots, Trent Richardson RB Browns, Mitchell Schwartz T Browns, Harrison Smith S Vikings, Ryan Tannehill QB Dolphins, Blair Walsh K Vikings, David Wilson RB Giants.
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  2. perrykemp

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    Hard to argue the list. Wilson has been getting better and better.
  3. SkinsFan28

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    Other than my normal disclaimer about Luck and his ints, I agree with that list. I do tend to think it comes down to a 2 game "playoff" between Wilson and Griffin, meaning Wilson v SF week 16, and Griffin v Dallas week 17. If either one has an amazing showing in one of those two games, he will be the OROY. I think Luck drops out, unless he is amazing in both of his games.

    Wilson has a stiff test against the 49'ers defense, but he is at home, and I could see him lighting them up. If he does that he absolutely deserves the OROY. If not, it opens the door for Griffin assuming he doesn't stink Sunday against the Eagles.
  4. Risen Star

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    Anybody want to take a closer look into the thank God we didn't go Brockers and Wagner defense?

    I see my man Cordy Glenn getting a mention. Would have been a ginormous upgrade over Doug Free going forward.

    It's only year 1 but it'd be nice to see a Cowboy on this list somewhere.
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    Russell Wilson was the steal of the draft. Its funny to me watching the ESPN pundits who ragged on him earlier trying to jump on the bandwagon.

    Just another reason I like Jon Gruden, he knew how good Russell was before the draft and didn't buy into the "hes too short" garbage.

    I think Wilson has a slight edge right now for ROY (I would put Luck second), but with 2 games to go and luck and rg3 behind him its far from in the bag.
  6. Risen Star

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    Gruden likes everybody. So he'll be right on everyone who pans out and wrong on everybody who didn't.
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  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    The the Seahawks snag Wilson, Wagner and Irvin...nice little hall although It is only one year and things can change greatly from one year to the next.

    One thing that does make me feel a little seems the scouts for the Cowboys are at least targeting good talent as it was rumored we would have went after Brockers and Wagner if we had not moved up.
  8. Risen Star

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    Colts get Luck, Ballard and Hilton too. Pretty good group right there to begin the rebuild.
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  9. Dumbsheet

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    At the moment the nod clearly goes to Wilson. The guy was almost undrafted, come on. Kind of like another qb that nobody thought of but is now in the elite (mmmm...Romo anyone?)

    If it weren't that he was taken first and was expected to be a star, Luck would be top getter, but Wilson has really shown him up. Niner game is key. If he continues to do well adn wins again, Wilson will be a lock at that point.

    RG-3PO shouldn't even be in the top 5. Hell, he's not even the ROY on his own team. Albert Morris is. Heck, I think long term Cousins will be the better quaterback, but I know RG is ESPN's darling for now, so it's pointless to debate it. At least he's no longer tops in consideration at this point.
  10. Achilleslastand

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    Would Wilson be doing the same if he was on this Cowboy team?
    Probably not......
  11. DFWJC

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    Zeitler and Wagner on that list.

    Oh well, I digress.

    BTW, Wilson was picked in the 3rd round....not barely drafted. just fyi

    Luck is the best QB of that group long term.
  12. CATCH17

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    I liked him over Decastro.
  13. ragintd

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    Hmmm I think if RG3 was on the Cowboys posting the 2nd best Passer rating, best YPC, Best ESPN TQR (or whatever it's called) etc, etc you would be so far up his but you wouldn't even see your toes. What RG3 does makes everything Morris has done possible. You can keep preaching and claiming his not the best rookie on the team but your clearly not understanding what RG3 does for the Washington offense.

    Yes KC1 had a great game against the Browns but they didn't know who was going to be QB that week. Yeah, they had an inkling but the Shanny had them guessing till the last minute so they really couldn't devote all of their game planning and practice to stopping what Kurt was going to game plan for KC1. Oh, and NFL network just announced that KC1 won the rookie of the week against the Browns. Another feather in this year draft cap for us. Can't wait to see him get traded for a couple of high draft picks.

    And what will the Luck camp come up with next to justify that he deserves the ROY nod over if the Skins win the NFC East? The argument that Luck got the Colts to the playoffs is their only legit argument. His stats over all except for the amount of passing yards pretty much suck.
  14. Macnalty

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    You have eyes so you know Mo Claiborne is going to be something special. I did not like the trade at first but he has earned my respect, I do not regret having a rare talented CB in our fold. I see no one in this years draft close to his abilities.
  15. muck4doo

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    Wilson has beaten a lot of good quarter backs, and Jay Cutler too.

    /Yes, I stoled that.

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