News: ESPN: Salary-cap exception will help only a little

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    Salary-cap exception will help only a little
    July, 22, 2011
    By Todd Archer

    IRVING, Texas -- As much as some people were getting excited about a report of a “soft” salary cap in 2011, it turns out there is no true “get-out-of-jail” card if the players accept the owners’ proposal on a new collective bargaining agreement.

    The 2011 cap would be set at $120.375 million with the possibility of the teams borrowing $3 million this year against a future cap. That $3 million would not cover the added hit of cutting Roy Williams, so while it is always good to have added cap room it does not solve all of their issues.

    Say the Cowboys choose to borrow that money this year they would still be over the cap by some $15 million...
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    Things seem to be wiggling a little better to view this is what, Mickey Spagnola commented:

    Now it's not as bad as it might seem with the 2011 salary cap in the owners' agreement set at $120.3 million. That's because teams were given two mechanisms to massage that number higher. First, since this is a last-minute thing, teams have a one-time opportunity to "borrow" $3 million from a future cap. So that gets the cap to potentially 123.3 million. Then, the $3.5 million in player performance bonuses usually handed out in the spring can be instead used for veteran salaries. Do that, and now the Cowboys can get the cap to nearly $128 million if I'm reading this right. Meaning they still would be about $10 million over.
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    there do seem to be some loopholes.
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    Not the 'get out of jail free' card I was hoping for, but it helps.

    And should allow the team to do what they need.
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    This is unfortunate. The 1 year soft-cap that has been bandied around CZ for the past few weeks would have been nice for the Cowboys this year.

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