News: ESPN: Scout's Eye: Cowboys-Patriots key matchups

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    Scout's Eye: Cowboys-Patriots key matchups

    October, 15, 2011
    Bryan Broaddus

    A few key matchups for Sunday's Cowboys-Patriots game:

    * Cowboys slot CB Orlando Scandrick vs. Patriots WR Wes Welker:

    Since 2007, no receiver in the NFL has had more receptions than the Patriots' Wes Welker with 477 catches. Welker is not the fastest receiver that you will ever see play. When he came out of Texas Tech his time on Pro Day in Lubbock was 4.61 in the forty-yard dash. Where Welker hurts you the most is with his ability as a crafty route runner to break a defense down. When you study the Patriots on film, he is always in motion. Rarely do you see him stationary in the formation. Welker has a tremendous ability to read defenses on the move and plot his route as the coverage develops.

    With Welker it’s more about the quickness than it is the speed. Last week against the Jets when matched up against Darrelle Revis, he struggled because Revis was able to get his hands on him off the snap and mirror him in route. Welker had a difficult time with Revis because he could match Welker’s quickness. Welker was not going to be able to out run Revis so gaining separation was going to be difficult. The Cowboys will match nickel corner Orlando Scandrick on Welker out of the slot and maybe Terence Newman, as well, who two weeks ago some action there against the Detroit Lions. Scandrick can match Welker’s quickness and mentally he will be prepared for the type of routes that Welker likes to run from certain spots in the formation.

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