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    North QBs

    Drew Stanton

    Height - 6-3 -- Is tall enough to scan the field from within the pocket.
    Weight - 235 -- Good build for a quarterback.
    Speed - 4.80 -- Lacks elite speed, but is quick enough to scramble for a few yards.

    Intelligence - Flashes the ability to move the offense efficiently, but decision making is inconsistent. Doesn't always take care of the ball.

    Toughness - Bounces back from vicious hits and covered punts for the Spartans during the 2003 season.

    Strength/Flex - Powerful open-field runner who can break tackles. Flashes the ability to make the first defender miss.

    Durability - Area of concern. Tore anterior cruciate ligament in 2003, separated shoulder in 2004, injured his throwing hand in 2005 and had problems staying healthy during senior season.

    Character - Presses too much, but is a leader on the field.

    Production - Though numbers dipped dramatically in 2006, threw for 22 TDs and over 3,000 yards during an impressive junior season.

    Monday (1/22/07): Stanton has shed nearly 10 pounds from last spring, but he looks to be in very good shape at nearly 6-foot-3 and 226 pounds. As far as practice is concerned, Stanton stood out above Troy Smith and Tyler Palko as the clear-cut top quarterback prospect on the North roster. In all reality, he seemed to be one of the best overall players on the field. Stanton displayed quick feet, a strong arm, a quick release and better accuracy than anticipated. Despite the rainy conditions, he showed impressive control of the ball. If Stanton continues to stand out the rest of the week, he will solidify himself as the third quarterback in the 2007 class and could re-emerge as a first-round prospect.

    Tuesday (1/23/07): Stanton fell to the ground after getting his feet tangled during the team drill and he threw behind Notre Dame WR Rhema McKnight during the 7-on-7 portion of practice. Other than that, he had one of the crispest practices of the six quarterbacks at this year's Senior Bowl. He continues to display a great over-the-top release and above-average zip on his passes. He also showed good touch when throwing downfield and, other than the one pass to McKnight, showed above-average accuracy when dumping the ball underneath. In other words, he looked like a professional quarterback out there.

    Wednesday (1/24/07): One concern emerging from Wednesday's practice is Stanton locking onto receivers at times. He won't be able to get away with that at the next level and must do a better job of looking defenders off more consistently. That said, Stanton is still having a strong week. He arguably looked his best during the team's red-zone drill. He made sound decisions and put the ball where only his receiver had a chance to come down with it. Overall, Stanton had the best practice of any of the quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl today.

    Troy Smith

    Height -6' -- Marginal height is single biggest flaw as a prospect.
    Weight - 220 -- Thickly built. Looks more like a RB than a QB.
    Speed - 4.62 -- Has outstanding speed and agility for the position. Consistently buys extra time and is a threat to run.

    Intelligence - Has a history of making intelligent decisions on the field, but questionable decisions off.

    Toughness - Arguably the toughest quarterback in the 2007 NFL draft class.

    Strength/Flex - Squatty build, but he's an extremely strong and flexible athlete.

    Durability - Outstanding. He never missed a game due to injury in college.

    Character - Past issues are still a concern. Suspended twice (illegal benefits and after found guilty of disorderly conduct charge) at OSU.

    Production - Exceptional. Threw for 16 TDs, rushed for 11 in 2005. Won the Heisman in '06, throwing 30 TD passes and only six INTs.

    Monday (1/22/07): Smith had a good opening day at the Senior Bowl. For starters, he can breathe a sigh of relief after measuring in at 6-foot even during the morning weigh-in process. While he is still considered short by NFL standards, there was speculation that Smith was closer to 5-11. Believe it or not, that inch is a big deal from a scouting perspective. As for practice, Smith showed good accuracy and velocity on his throws. He seemed to have lots of confidence in his ability and his quick feet were evident when he was working with the other quarterbacks on drop-back drills. However, Smith's wind-up delivery was extremely evident when he was throwing alongside Michigan State QB Drew Stanton, who has a much more compact release.

    Tuesday (1/23/07): Smith continued to shine during Tuesday's practice. His release is not as compact as scouts would like to see, but that's not going to change much moving forward. Otherwise, Smith is doing an excellent job of moving his feet to find passing windows, which allows him to overcome his marginal height. He is showing more confidence in his reads and throws than all the other quarterbacks here. Smith also displays as good -- if not better -- arm strength, touch, timing and accuracy as Drew Stanton.

    Wednesday (1/24/07): Smith had his most complete day of practice on Wednesday. He shows a good understanding of coach Jon Gruden's scheme and seems to be ahead of most the North players in that regard. He continues to display a strong arm and above average accuracy as a passer. The only time Smith has struggled is when he can't seem to find a passing window in time and tries to throw over his offensive linemen. In those instances, Smith's ball has had a tendency to sail high. That's a direct byproduct of his marginal height.

    Tyler Palko
    Height - 6-1 -- Palko is on the short side for an NFL QB.
    Weight - 210 -- Good build with thickness and definition.
    Speed - 4.92 -- Plays faster than his timed speed, but will not run away from defensive backs or linebackers at the next level.

    Intelligence - Son of a well respected high school coach, Palko is a film rat with an excellent understanding of the game.

    Toughness - Showed great toughness at Pitt behind suspect offensive lines. Took a pounding and played hurt.

    Strength/Flex - Good, but not great, flexibility. Can contort his body to make plays, avoid pass rushers and break out of arm tackles.

    Durability - Excellent. He is a tough guy and is built to take a pounding.

    Character - Great strength. The football junkie is tough, and well respected and liked by his teammates. Leader.

    Production - Up and down. Really struggled as a junior, but had fine sophomore and senior seasons.

    Monday (1/22/07): Palko did not have a bad day on Monday, but it was rather evident that he's the least talented of the three North quarterbacks at this year's Senior Bowl. Palko measured just shy of 6-foot-1 and weighed 217 pounds at this morning's weigh-in, which is a little shorter and lighter than expected. During practice, Palko displayed good timing and accuracy as a passer. However, he does not stack up with Drew Stanton or Troy Smith in terms of arm strength or mobility. When called upon to make a throw vertically or on a deep out, Palko noticeably dropped down and wound up even more than usual in his delivery. That's something NFL scouts will frown upon considerably.

    Tuesday (1/23/07): Palko struggled today and looked somewhat out of place next to Troy Smith and Drew Stanton. A forum like this does not play to Palko's strong suits as a "gamer". His timing with his receivers was off, which isn't unusual for the second practice. What was more concerning was his delivery and arm strength. He pushes the football and doesn't snap it off with authority and that motion becomes more pronounced the deeper the throw. While Palko was eager and made sound crisp decisions, he simply didn't throw the football very well today.

    Wednesday (1/24/07): Palko played better today, but he still doesn't measure up with the other quarterbacks on the South roster (Smith and Stanton). It's plain to see that Palko is a mid-to-late round prospect that will need to earn a spot as an NFL backup. He could become the type of player who is underwhelming during practice and in forums such as this one, but really attracts the attention of his coach and teammates once he gets in his first few preseason games. If he gets drafted by a West Coast passing team, which he should, Palko may end up being the type of quarterback that digests the playbook quickly and is ready to make the most of an opportunity if he gets one. But for now, his stock is dropping and the combine probably will not help his cause, either.
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    Kevin Kolb
    Height - 6-3 -- Adequate but not ideal height.
    Weight - 226 -- Good build. Has more room on his frame to add bulk.
    Speed - 4.85 -- Adequate. Much more mobile than his 40 time indicates.

    Intelligence - Picks up new schemes quickly. Showed good understanding of his offense. Decision making questioned throughout his career.

    Toughness - Takes viscous hits and keeps getting up. Nobody can question his toughness.

    Strength/Flex - Strong lower body but a bit soft in upper body and core.

    Durability - Four-year starter never missed a full game due to injury.

    Character - Good leader. No reports of character issues.

    Production - Became the school's all-time leader in total offense as a junior in 2005. Finished career with 85 passing, 21 rushing TDs.

    Monday (1/22/07): Saying Kolb got off to a slow start would be an understatement. On his first rep during seven-on-seven drills, he dropped the snap. After picking up the ball, he just flung it downfield, which resulted in a pick. He held onto the ball so long on his third rep that San Francisco offensive coordinator Norv Turner finally yelled "throw the ball." In fact, nothing seemed to go right for Kolb. Though he later dropped a pass over the linebacker and in front of the corner, DB Aaron Ross closed well and snatched the ball out of WR Dallas Baker's hands.

    Tuesday (1/23/07): Kolb bounced back on Tuesday after looking a bit overwhelmed on Monday. Kolb lacks elite speed, but his quickness and athletic ability can be seen on his drops and when he moves his feet to buy extra time in the pocket. Kolb made a couple of poor decisions in practice, but some of that can be chalked up to communication errors with his receivers in just the second day working with one another. Otherwise, Kolb was more decisive and he seemed to have more confidence in his throws. He displayed excellent touch on the deep ball today, including the last throw of practice when standout WR Dwayne Bowe misjudged it and came up empty.

    Wednesday (1/24/07): Kolb has improved each day, which is good to see. He still is a bit too erratic for our liking, but he has settled down considerably from earlier in the week. Kolb has adequate-to-good arm strength and flashes the ability to fit the ball into some tight spots. He was especially impressive during red-zone drills late in the practice session, as his ability to move outside the pocket, force the run-pass option and throw on the run were really highlighted. Kolb has established himself as the best quarterback prospect on the South squad, ahead of Chris Leak and Jordan Palmer.

    Jordan Palmer
    Height - 6-6 -- Ideal height for the QB position. Sees over the rush.
    Weight - 227 -- Long body type with decent bulk. Has room to grow and may be able to add another 10 pounds of muscle.
    Speed - 4.97 -- Not a run threat. Very deliberate overall movements.

    Intelligence - Doesn't see the field particularly well. Lacks great experience. Needs work with his overall understanding of his position.

    Toughness - Will step into his throws in the face of a heavy rush, plays hurt and doesn't back down.

    Strength/Flex - Not overly flexible. Average strength.

    Durability - Some injury problems early in his career, but is a tough guy who plays with pain.

    Character - Not a fiery leader or take charge guy, but is well liked. Makes sound decisions off the field.

    Production - Productive against mid-major competition. Threw for over 3,500 yards in each of the last two seasons and his completion percentage has improved each season.

    Monday (1/22/07): Today's practice was a microcosm of Palmer's collegiate career. While he put good velocity on some of his passes and flashed the ability to lead receivers underneath, inconsistency continues to be a problem. In addition, his footwork is a concern. He took too long to get set and didn't help his cause by slipping to the ground while droping back on one attempt.

    Tuesday (1/23/07): Palmer was neither outstanding nor poor today. His size is impressive, but he doesn't move particularly well and has heavy feet. He threw a very ill-advised interception to a linebacker during the 7-on-7 drill and several of his out-route throws wobbled and lacked the RPMs needed for the NFL. Overall, Palmer continues to show very similar traits in practice to those we've viewed of him on film all year. While he has enough developmental tools to work with as a Day 2 pick, Palmer simply doesn't look to be an NFL starter.

    Wednesday (1/24/07): Once again, Palmer did little to distinguish himself today. His accuracy was quite average and he threw a questionable deep ball. His lack of athleticism will hold him back in the NFL. Palmer has the looks of a third quarterback in the NFL and may not progress to becoming a competent backup that a team can win with if their starter goes down. Palmer very well could be over-drafted.

    Chris Leak
    Height - 6-0 -- Three inches taller and he could be a first-day pick, but the bottom line is he isn't.
    Weight - 210 -- Is adequate considering height.
    Speed - 4.72 -- Can pick up some yards with feet, but doesn't have the second gear to break long runs.

    Intelligence -Adjusted fairly well to Urban Meyer's offense. Doesn't make many mental mistakes.

    Toughness - Ability to step up in the face of pressure has been questioned. But can play through pain.

    Strength/Flex - Can move around the pocket, but lacks elite elusiveness and power.

    Durability - Injuries have not been an issue, despite starting 47 games and appearing in all 51 games of his collegiate career.

    Character - Handled losing snaps to freshman Tim Tebow with great maturity. No problems off the field.

    Production - Has thrown a TD in all but three of his 47 starts -- and he's done it against some of the top defenses in the nation.

    Monday (1/22/07): Leak took care of business and clearly had the smoothest practice of the three South quarterbacks. He made sound decisions and showed above-average accuracy when throwing underneath. However, he didn't throw downfield much and overthrew TE Joe Newton on a 15-yard out during seven-on seven drills. Unless he starts connecting on those throws, scouts should remain concerned about his deep-ball accuracy and ability to zip the ball outside the hashes.

    Tuesday (1/23/07): Leak turned in another strong performance on Tuesday. He still isn't showing great arm strength, but he put nice touch on a downfield pass to UTEP WR Johnnie Lee Higgins. His decision making during the 7-on-7 portion was excellent and he placed the ball between defenders on more than one occasion. Though he threw the ball behind LSU WR Dwayne Bowe on a slant earlier in practice, Bowe got his hands on the ball and should have come down with it. In addition, Leak did well to get the ball to his back on a screen despite college teammate Ray McDonald getting in his face.

    Wednesday (1/24/07): It's been business as usual for Leak thus far. Though he certainly isn't wowing onlookers, Leak is playing as well as can possibly be expected. He has steadily located the open man and gotten him the ball. His footwork has been crisp and his release quick. One negative that stood out today was when Leak threw a ball to the front shoulder of a receiver on a stop route during the red-zone drill, which gave the corner a chance to recover. He got away with that throw today, but that pass could have easily been picked off.

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    Its always interesting to compare reports from these practices.. For example, cold pizza was just talking about Troy Smith and saying that he was not having a very good week of practice at the Senior Bowl. Though Reading this it sounds like he was doing rather well. Cold Pizza was saying he may have dropped from the 1st round to the 3rd.
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    That all depends on where you had him going into this week. If you thought he was a first round prospect, he has been very disappointing. If you had him as a second day guy, he's been a pleasant surprise.
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    I think you always take these things w/ a grain of salt at best. How many early round Qbs looked great in college, looked great in the combines, then crapped out in the NFL. I don't see this as an indication of how they'll do in the NFL but rather how they did in practice.

    On Jordan Palmer:

    Intelligence - Doesn't see the field particularly well. Lacks great experience. Needs work with his overall understanding of his position.

    He only started playing QB his senior year of HS. Played sparingly with a bad team his Freshman year. In truth, Palmer has only been a QB for 3 years, but he has improved by leaps and bounds in that time.

    Toughness - Will step into his throws in the face of a heavy rush, plays hurt and doesn't back down.

    VERY tough no doubt. Reminds me of David Carr in that way. Won't complain about taking hits.

    Character - Not a fiery leader or take charge guy, but is well liked. Makes sound decisions off the field.

    I think they got this one all wrong. Having watched him for 3+yrs now, the guy has fire and the guy has leadership. "He's a phenomenal leader. He does a great job fitting in with guys." --Carson Palmer

    Speed - 4.97 -- Not a run threat. Very deliberate overall movements.

    He's no Mike Vick that's for sure, but I've seen him able to evade tacklers when he has to. And because of his size he will take on tackles downfield if he runs with the ball..he ain't gonna wuss out. He reminds me a little bit of Tony Romo, 'cept bigger.

    Overall...yes I'm biased, but I like Jordan Palmer. I think he has that "something" that a QB that isn't the #1 pick needs.

    Guys like Tom Brady show that Senior bowl is good and all, but some guys just step up once they're given a chance. I think this could be the thing w/ Palmer. Let's risk a late round pick on him (if he's there). If anything as a #3 b/c Bledsoe's gone..
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    actually been a few people who have pointed that out

    then there's what we all saw in the Fiesta Bowl...

    the guy is NOT a starting NFL QB prospect...CFL o0r Arena league maybe, but not the NFL

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    It will be interesting keep a tab on Leak.

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