News: ESPN: Several injured players back at practice

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    This is all hands on deck. Doesn't mean all these guys are healthy. I hope that these guys can put in a good effort though.
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    But at least they were pretending to cover receivers then. There were times last week that I barely saw a defender on my television screen when Saints receivers were catching the ball...and it's a pretty good sized TV. LOL.
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    Is Devonte Holloman healthy? I wonder if he will get significant snaps.
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    Cowboys plan to turn loose now-healthy rookie linebacker DeVonte Holloman in practice

    “We feel good about where he is physically. We’re going to let him go,” coach Jason Garrett said. “We’re going to let him practice and see how he responds.”

    "Even when you’re in those shell-type practices, there’s a physical nature to those, and he seems to be pretty comfortable," Garrett said.

    Holloman is expected to play some at middle linebacker in the nickel defense and at strong-side linebacker in the base defense as he and veteran Ernie Sims try to make up for the absence of Sean Lee and Justin Durant.

    “He’s an inexperienced player. He hasn’t played that much for us,” Garrett said. “But when he’s played, he’s done some good things, you know, as a special teams guy, spot play on defense. Has a good instinct for playing. Seems to be around the ball and makes a lot of plays.”

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    Missing Lee will be a void our LBers have to come together on filling. I feel a lot better about getting back much

    MA can open up the other receivers and I got a hunch Romo will target him on some 3rd down plays.
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    This is sad but true. I really want to believe differently, but the Lee loss is huge and our safety play has been horrific. Seeing that dancing idiot Cruz running across the middle of our D for 30 yards on 3rd and 8 seems almost inevitable. I'd love to see Church or Wilcox light him up. One can hope I guess...
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    ataboy. that's the attitude.

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