News: ESPN: Some welcome perspective on Dez Bryant

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Coy, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Thats me :D

    A big thanks to Twitter follower Coy Lebrija (@CoyLebrija) for alerting me to this story from the website of the Oklahoman about Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. As we all know and have been discussing in intense depth all week, Bryant was arrested Monday on domestic violence charges and has established a pattern of poor choices and bad behavior off the field during his brief time in the NFL. This story is about Bryant, the kid from Oklahoma, and why it might be that he finds himself unable to avoid his poor choices. It is worth the full read, but this is a key excerpt from Berry Tramel's piece:

    A Lufkin teacher emailed me Tuesday to try to provide a glimpse of Dez’s situation.

    "The news media, the Dallas Cowboys, the public, the normal sports fan, cannot imagine the life that this young man had," wrote the teacher, who I later spoke to and wished to remain anonymous. "What he had to overcome can't be imagined by most decent people.

    "He comes from absolutely no home life, but when he was drafted, the family came out of the woodwork."

    At OSU, Dez never was a problem in terms of behavior. People throughout the athletic department will admit that Dez was completely irresponsible — didn't always go to class, late for meetings, didn't understand the concept of a schedule — but never was he a problem otherwise. No drinking. No drugs. No disrespect.

    "The Dez I knew would not beat up his mother," said Marilyn Middlebrook, OSU's associate athletic director for academic affairs. Middlebrook termed Dez "sweet" but "irresponsible."
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    Good work. Thanks for sharing this.:bow:
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    Well that's gotta feel good, Ron. A solid story is a good story — clearly worth having picked up by others.

    Have one... say a shot of Crown Royal... on me for having thought it interesting enough to bring the same story to the boards earlier today. Loved it then; still appreciate it now.
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    Sounds about where we all thought Dez was - a big, huge kid, with a good heart, but just needing a little nudging to show up on time.
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    Coy, nice job.
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    Thanks Hos, gotta give props to cowboy_ron who I got the article from in the Dez Bryant thread in the fan zone.
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    I found one of the comments listed with that article odd.

    If you never had much of a family life and all of a sudden for whatever reason you have a shot at it, how does a 23 year old sort that out? That's got to be tough to do. You know they are dysfunctional and not there for the right reasons but they are there and part of your life.

    I really wish this story would just go into the yesterdays news file and people would just move on and let the young man sort out his life the best way he knows how (with or without help from the people that are supposed to be looking out for him).
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    Good stuff, Coy.

    Some more good stuff from that Oklahoman article:

    Dez Bryant is Michael Oher without the help of the Tuohy family.

    What's a shame is that the Dallas media probably won't pick this up, and the national media probably won't run with this very much. This kind of good hearted story just doesn't sell vs the sensationalism.
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    I have to give the kudos to Coy for taking the initiative and wherewithall to see that this is a story that really needed to get out there...what kinds of fans would we be if we didn't make an attempt to back a player we believe in and want to see get was a nice story that we enjoyed here in the zone and Coy thought it needed to get out even furthur than just here at the Zone with us fans.......COY, I tip my Cowboys cap to you my brother..:bow:

    Now, wit...about the Crown Royal you mentioned...I am enjoying one as we speak, sitting on a stool at my swim up bar and checking out the zone. Gotta go play for awhile tonight at midnight so I'm just chillin until then.
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    No telling what he could do had he had a family like Oher did instead of the one he was cursed with.
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    Great stuff Cowboy Ron and Coy. Thank you for giving this the light of day. Kudos.
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    :beer2: cheers Bro.
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    Remembered ya loved CR from having known you for awhile.

    As for Coy having been the one who relayed the story you posted... I'd read his post telling you he was going to forward it on. Good on him for doing so; following through. Should have said something earlier. I'll remedy that oversight right here and now, in all sincerity...
    Good work, Coy... solid doings for a worthy cause. My tip of the hat to you, too. :gent:

    Go back and enjoy yourself, Ron... still at the pool with the swim up bar, or otherwise.
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    Thank you for this people that havent been thru nothing for real cant understand all they c is there favorite team the $ etc, but this is still a human where $ cant buy happiness or release the anger that obviously is still inside him...u just c the glory so to speak u dont know the story 4 what it took for a person to get to where they are b4 college and NFL ....Everybody's stronghold or different......some is women, some is drinking like my father, smoking etc....its gonna take time, yrs of holding in pain and hurt and the why me's dont go away overnight after u sign ya contract for millions...he's been holding it in so long thats his anger is coming out in the only way he know how at this time... not saying its right to hit ur mom (supposedly) but his story is not mine, mine is not his and urs is not mine nor his.....
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    It often bothers me when the "Queen's English" is butchered, but I have to tell you that you could be one hell of a good writer. I mean that sincerely too.
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    Lol.... That isnt why tony allen stays away from chicago. He stays away from chicago because he knows he has to....if he wants to continue living.
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    Without getting to deep into my life, let me add to what kazzd58 has stated. There is no way to fully understand what Dez has been through unless you have been through it. Reading an article and saying you understand and have sympathy for, as opposed to being in or around a situation like what Dez has been through is totally different. Sympathy versus actual deep down pain. Situations like this has touched me so much that I have dedicated a lot of my time being a mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization (

    What Dez is accused of doing is unacceptable if true and he must be held accountable. That is the part that we all must understand. Through his entire adolescent life, he has had no one, absolutely no one to ever teach and hold him accountable for his actions. It does not make it right, but should explain to everyone that is why he is so immature. Dealing with young people like this can be extremely frustrating. When mentoring young people like this you must be patient. It is not going to happen overnight and it so easy for so called mentors (Deion Sanders)to give up.

    In the article there are a few comments from people that were in contact with Dez that says he was a sweet person, a kind person and even a gentlemen. He is not a bad person. Under the circumstances it would have been very easy for Dez to become a menace to society.

    Let me ask all of you this. Do you recall the video shots from Dez's draft party. How many of those aunts, uncles, cousins or friends (there were about 50 people in attendance) were there to offer Dez a couch to sleep on when he was sixteen?
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    that should have been enough to not even draft the guy in 1st round. How are you going to expect the player to handle complexity of the pro game when at the college level he couldn't even grasp basic accountability. We are seeing the fall-out again of Jerry thinking he is smarter than everyone else.

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