News: ESPN: Source: Callahan upset if Linehan is hired

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Jan 27, 2014.

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    If the Dallas Cowboys hire Scott Linehan as the playcaller, it would upset the current one, Bill Callahan. A source said Callahan would be opposed to a move and that he would contemplate his future with the Cowboys should it happen. Callahan, who is signed through the 2014 season, became the playcaller in 2013 when Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones wanted to take those duties away from head coach Jason Garrett. When the source was asked would Callahan be happy with a potential change, the source said, "hell no.

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    Good bye.
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  3. Corso

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    I would imagine and I wouldn't blame him.
    I could be wrong, but he just seems like an unhappy fella anyways.
    Kind of an abrasive personality.
    I don't know the guy personally, but he comes off that way to me.
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    When you are used as a scapegoat it will tend to piss you off a little.
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    Well kind of expected. He's probably good as gone if this hire happens and it's the best thing for him. Worked out ok for Ryan.
    Fact is, if we don't turn it around soon lots of changes coming anyway .
    We will do fine without him
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    This is turning into a joke. Every off season is some internal drama like this...can this go into the thread regarding "Why are a laughingstock?" No one runs a team like this.
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    Social Media News of the 21st Century:

    Guy overhears some guy asked if the same guy would like seeing another guy hired to do that guy's job. Tells reporter guy the other guy said, "Hell no."

    This has been Social Media News of the 21st Century.
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    "Callahan was always complimentary of the chance to call plays, saying the Cowboys were running their offense and not Garrett's."

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    No way that was not Garrett's offense
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    IIRC he said that in response to a question after a bad game by the offense... In other words, he was trying to say they were all to blame, not just Jason.

    Kind of the opposite of what the head coach does.
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    Well..... bye.
  12. Seven

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    Churn jerry, churn!!

    There are so many ways ONE way has got to be yours.
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    If it makes Garrett more comfortable to have a guy like Linehan as his OC, then by all means jettison Callahan. No need to stick with a mistake for the sake of saving face.
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    But I was told Jerry keeps messing up Garrett and doesn't involve him when making decisions....

    So essentially, Jason still has no solution for a running game, the same aspect that Wade wanted Dan Reeves here for. Got to love this clown's progress.
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    Callahan, please stay and play out your contract and make Jerry pay you your money. If he's gonna hand out free cash to Jason, get yours too. At least you have a running game and zone blocking scheme and better protection to your credit.
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    How has Callahan been a mistake? The O-line and our run game -- his main responsibility -- improved greatly last year. Yes, some of that could be talent, but Callahan was by all reports the main driver behind drafting Frederick. And Green Bay said our zone blocking was the best in the league last year. Garrett didn't even run a zone scheme, so you know that is Callahan.

    I just can't figure out why this guy is so vilified. It's not just here, it's also in the DFW media. Plenty of people have said the offense definitely needs a change even though it was basically the same as it was when Garrett was calling the plays. But they act like this guy needs to go when they didn't say that about Garrett.
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    how's that,folks have been whining about his play calling all year?
    please explain
  18. daveferr33

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  19. CowboysBrandon

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    Jeez, we sound like the Browns. Next we're going to be hearing "radioactive" as an adjective to describe this franchise.
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    Last season, IIRC, the joke was that we were hiring Houston Nutt. Only we didn't, and then all the posts about internal drama and stupid GMs and the organization being rudderless or dysfunctional, or whatever were just sort of 'forgotten.' Then we hired Kiffin and they started all over again.

    When are we going to learn to just chill until something happens and *then* commence freaking out? Sooner or later, we'll make some actual moves. There is going to be plenty of time to complain about how dysfunctional we are without reacting to every unsourced rumor that has the word 'Cowboys' in it.
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