News: ESPN: Stephen A. Smith: Dez Bryant is looking like a fool

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 23, 2011.

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    There's no good reason for saggy pants, and arguing about it with police is inexcusable

    [​IMG] By Stephen A. Smith
    Special for

    Ignorance is ignorance. It's never bliss. Whether you're with your honey, or driving a nice ride, living in affluence or, in the latest case, being a member of the Dallas Cowboys, it is simply never, ever a good idea to become conspicuous for being clueless. Naturally, most of us have better things to do with our time than to develop the insatiable need to tell this to Dez Bryant. But since his evident stupidity seems to be a bit contagious, perhaps it's time to tell it like it is.

    Bryant's not a idiot. He just appears to be one. And if he continues to behave the way he reportedly behaved at the NorthPark Center mall this past weekend, that stigma will be the kind of permanent fixture on his profile destined to cause him big-time dollars, and possibly his burgeoning career with the Cowboys.

    And rightfully so.

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  2. tyke1doe

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    Yea, Stephen A. :clap:
  3. gmoney112

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    Blatant racism. I will not stand for this.

    ANTHONYSCOTT Well-Known Member

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    Do we really care how Dez wears his pants? I for one cant stand it but hey, if you dont wanna see it, dont LOOK! I for think there are more pressing issues for the Cowboys than how Dez 's pants hang. Unless he is breaking the law that is.
  5. tyke1doe

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    You don't get it do you?

    It doesn't matter what you or I think about how Dez wears his pants.

    The mall Dez visited had run-ins with him before. That privately owned mall has a policy that if you're going to be a customer in said mall, PULL UP YOUR PANTS!!!!

    As a civilized, respectful member of society you have an obligation to understand that your rights don't supercede the rights of others.

    If you want to wear your pants saggy, do it somewhere else OTHER than a privately owned mall.

    What part of that CAN'T you understand? :huh:
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    Why did this fool feel the need to write this article before knowing all the facts?
  7. silverbear

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    I find myself wondering if Calvin Watkins and Stephen A. Smith are REALLY so stupid as to think the Cowboys would reconsider their relationship with Dez over something as trivial as this...

    No laws were broken, nobody was arrested... yeah, this is a big deal, reason enough for the Boys to give up on this promising young talent...

    Gimme a break...
  8. Wood

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    you have to maintain some public standard. If you have you really want them seeing this? and where does it stop. There are plenty of ways to be creative to fill what is for some people to be a huge craving to be noticed...but it doesnt need to include butt crack. I applaud the person who set up that rule.
  9. speedkilz88

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    Pot meet kettle.
  10. ringmaster

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    I'm not a fan of Stephen *** Smith and never will be a fan of this obnoxious loud mouth jerk.
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  12. Indiana Jim

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    well a lot of them wear their pants like that and it does make them look ignorant, i guess
  13. kristie

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